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Hey there,¨

I'm currently working on a tech-website that focuses on gathering a massive amount of links to articles, videos and reviews on computers, smartphones, tablets and gaming. The total amount should land around 2,000 links in total. All the links will have descriptions of their content. The website will feature a blog as well since I love to write as well.

I'm currently at the 400 link mark and I'm starting to have doubts.

What if this is a terrible idea? I personally find it very practical to have a tech-website that has such a large amount of resources in one place.

BUT, perhaps it's too large. Perhaps computers and gaming shouldn't even be in the same place as smartphones and tablets? Maybe I should divide them and create 2 websites?

I don't know, I've put down so much time into this project and would hate to start again.

What do you think? Be brutally honest and I'll see where I go from there.

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    Hey Karl-

    Man, I hate going first and having to be brutally honest....especially since you seem like a nice, well spoken person with great intentions.

    You idea is absolutely horrible and it is going to be a never-ending job of gathering links because of the topics you've chosen. Think about it; smartphones and tablets and games change constantly, so the links you're building could be completely obsolete in six months...and that's if people even want to use your site for reference in the first place. In most cases though, those types of sites are not very popular.

    I'm sorry...but the best advice I can give you is to scrap that project completely. Now, if you want to pick one tech item or gaming platform and solely focus on that....then it's a great idea and much easier to monetize. Don't focus on the link aspect though; use your time to make original content that readers will appreciate.

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      Trying to be too much for too many. Select ONE focus. Be an authority in that category.
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    Ah the mid project worries, I get this all the time!

    I would say just go through with it now you've started.. If it works, great! if it doesn't you have learned a lesson that will hopefully help you succeed in the future
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