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Hi guys,

Im making a solid income from my amazon niche sites since a few months now.

Since the IM Youtube hype I was always a fan of youtube marketing and heared that some people are making big $$$ from youtube by reviewing products. Also the ranking should be "easier" and faster.

Could anyone recommend me some solid course/WSO, etc. about this exact type of business?

The course should provide info about YT videos Google loves so that I dont get my videos down...

Ive searched in this forum but didnt find anything up-to-date...

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    Hi PHR!

    I don't know any specific courses on this but I can tell you how I usually rank my youtube videos.

    1. Create the video.
    2. Upload video together with a description containing short content maybe 100-250 words about the product and a link to my affiliate website.
    3.Once it's uploaded I add the link to the video to these websites: Pingomatic,Google +, Stumbleupon, Facebook, reddit and a few pr1-3 tumblr blogs.
    4.Wait for the video to rank.

    I tend to create short videos targeting longtail keywords and I always rank my videos fast since the competition is low in my niche.

    Hope it helps.
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      Thx for your response,

      ranking should not be the problem in my case.

      I have more problems creating the video than ranking it...

      Id like to know which type of amazon review video YT loves.

      Best regards,
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