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I have recently set up a new review website featuring one particular business opportunity.

During the process of adding content, I started to divert my focus to other reviews of opportunities supported by the original business opportunity.

Now this has posed a question for me.

When doing a review site, is it better to stick to just one review, or is having several on the one site relating to different opportunities likely to earn more revenue?

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    It really depends on the individual site. If your site is primarily made to review one product then it's better to stick with just one product but if you are aiming to build a product based niche affiliate review site then you will want to choose many different products in that niche area.

    Hope this helps.
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    Interesting question. If you come up with a definitive answer, please post it back here along with your reasoning.

    I can see pros and cons, and doubt there is a correct answer. Having said that, it might be easier to get started with a single product. Then once you're huge, it's relatively simple to introduce new products for review. Especially as you have a base of users who know your system, and will probably be happy to help.

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    I agree with the "interesting question" comment. My own natural inclination is to review several products (including bad reviews if I really think they're bad products), but I may not know what I'm talking about and will be interested to see others' replies.
    Well there are several angles to it, Let's pursue a few....

    You can review more than one product (3 is perhaps the best number) but from a sale point of view it would be better to put one down in front of the other two. When I say "put one down", it doesn't mean to misrepresent the product but rather highlight the advantages offered by other two against it. The way to decide this could be by looking at clickbank gravity score and "put down" the lower one. Of course you can also decide this by looking at the needs of primary audience of your site.

    Another thing to remember is that customers usually have a tendency to compare products before buying (Especially in these hard times) since they want to have a justification for their purchase. Hence, it would be better to review more than one product since that way they are less likely to look for "justification" by going to google and doing a research on similar other products (& ultimately ending on some other site).

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    Thank you all for your views - it seems we are all agreed on one thing, the fact that it is an interesting question.

    As the review site in question focusses on a business opportunity encompassing 5 others, I think it may be beneficial to review all giving the website visitor a much more comprehensive review on the overall opportunity.

    Hopefully the effort will be worthwhile.

    It will be interesting to see the results.

    Thanks again for your input.

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