Content lockers how much do they pay?

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Hey forum, I am completely new to using content lockers.

Currently I have designed a website based completely around the use of a content locker to access the main content.

As I am new to content lockers I need to find out average pay out per survey once filled out. Do you guys know?

I will need to receive $0.70+ per survey for my niche to work(any lower this will not work). I am currently using CPAGRIP and haven't earned anything yet as my website goes live a week from now.

I don't care about getting paid $5 even though this would be beneficial. I just want a network that can consistently give me a average of around $1/survey

Also, say if one person wanted to keep filling out surveys in one day. How many would they be able to fill out from a content locker? The reason why I say this is because the content I will be giving is unlimited..... So if someone wanted to keep receiving my content would they be able to keep filling out more surveys?

If you guys could reply this would help me out a lot!

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    Why did you build a site specifically around earning from content lockers before you even looked up info about the said content lockers? I am pretty sure that most content lockers have gone to shi** recently with not paying or decreasing their rates.

    The amount you earn will depend on what country the target is in, also
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      Yes, you are correct. The reason why I built the website around the content locker was because, the idea I had come up with.... Would only work using a content locker.Plus, I did already try and search information on the web for pay per lead on content lockers but there is very little information on this topic. (I read I could earn around 0.7-12$ per lead but this means nothing)

      So, I thought why not just try it, see if it works and if it fails I haven't lost anything, you know? also this would be a good learning process for me anyway.(Trial and error)

      I think my main source of traffic would be coming in from the united states, germany, england (where I live) and possibly france. (I have already researched and studied my niches to know this.)

      My website does not go live untill the 27th feb,therefor, I wanted to see if anyone knew how much I could average on pay per leads from the incoming traffice I stated above... obviously united states giving me the most traffic. If anyone could give me some numbers it would be great!

      And does anyone know if someone can keep filling out survey's to keep regaining access to the content?

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        Originally Posted by lilcurts101 View Post

        And does anyone know if someone can keep filling out survey's to keep regaining access to the content?

        You can set cookie expiration time, for example for 24H, if someone unlocked the content it won't ask him again to fill another survey til the 24H passes
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