Im Artist, do i have a place at marketing?

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Im Artist, i drawing for about 15 years im 23 years old
and i always had idea that ill make my money from drawing
today i very interested at marketing / promote / affiliate systems
so i thought Hey i can use my paint skills at this (?)

what kind of internet business i can make by simple drawing?
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    Doing graphic design would be a good fit, I would think. Take a look at what others our doing in that field. and see if it would fit in with what YOU can do.

    Hope that helps
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    You can go the cheap route - fiverr.

    More profitable route - 99designs, 48hourslogo

    Even more profitable route - freelance

    Most profitable route - start your own business selling your work
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  • You have a huge career in internet marketing aslong as you have the will to succeed and to take action. Graphic design could be your forte as well as info graphics and white boards. Were you intending to sell your art?
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      Originally Posted by TheLondonPromoter View Post

      You have a huge career in internet marketing aslong as you have the will to succeed and to take action. Graphic design could be your forte as well as info graphics and white boards. Were you intending to sell your art?
      i do want, but not in away galleries do
      more like graphic design. i save money for studio equipment right now.
      i think ill give a shot on fivrr know this one, people selling logos for 5$ each not alot
      tho they making 2k-3k deals (life time no per month)so i think its pretty good job for a logo designer.
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    you can check on deviantart site what others are doing, I have seen most of the artists made pages on their facebook profiles and started to show experience.
    There are more sites for making money like Fiverr or theme developers where you can be hired. Make sure build a portfolio site or a page to show the audience.
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    Hi LT,

    I'd consider going that route of selling your own work.

    Start a blog; self-hosted, Wordpress blog, that is.

    Blogs are like 1 stop shopping for your clients/customers/fans. You can post all of your work quickly to your blog. Blogs also help you establish authority in your niche. This 1-2 punch can put your business into overdrive, and of course, you'll be branding yourself and your art work exclusively.

    Onward and upward!

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    You might already know this site, but check Comics, Quizzes, and Stories - The Oatmeal.

    Maybe not exactly the type of business you're looking to get into but it looks pretty sweet to me.

    Just showing you what's possible. I mean, this guy just draws comics and gets a ton of traffic and now has built a business around the site.
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    Yes you can make money as an artist, best way is to start a website where you can show off your skills and get hired.
    Get Weekly Payouts Stream -Using- My Autopilot Money Machine

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    Try to build your own website and market them through different social media activities and search engine optimization.

    When you choose your marketing strategy for your photography product, try to considered different marketing strategy and sales channels.
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    There are so many ways to make money if you have a talent for design! Basically, freelance websites are your goldmine, set up a portfolio and show prospective clients samples of your work.
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    Yes, sure. Let 's do facebook page, facebook profile and website then show your skills => get traffic => refer products
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      Originally Posted by davidpham View Post

      Yes, sure. Let 's do facebook page, facebook profile and website then show your skills => get traffic => refer products
      all this sounds really great, i think ill make a facebook page
      or instagram or divine art! and a main webside .com
      ty for your comment and everyone else
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    You can trade your skills for money. You can learn how to work with - find out what you could do for others. How can your Drawing Skills help other people market their businesses, and grow their businesses??

    Find a demand, or create one, and then supply it. You can get very creative with Drawing.

    I recommend you learning all you can about internet marketing and learn how to the entire business works online.

    If you have a good skill, you can definitely and should profit from it. It is just a matter of learning exactly how. And only you can find out. That is why you must be very resourceful!!

    I hope this helps!

    Keep up the great work!

    I wish you the best!

    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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    Fiverr is a best place to start with.. but if you are looking for a better pay website, check out or stockphoto.
    Managed & Unmanaged VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers
    Europe & USA by
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  • interested at marketing / promote / affiliate systems
    That's Great! Good Idea!

    can use my paint skills at this (?)
    Well... uhm, no!

    Not to overlook the obvious, however, successfully marketing a product or service, and being a really talented artist are two different animals.

    This type of question is often asked by creative folks who feel strongly about their creative talent and are now looking to exploit that talent in order to earn an income from it.

    However, here is where the significance of being an extremely talented artistic individual stops, and where being able to create and execute a proper business/marketing plan comes into play.

    If you already have some offline/online marketing experience where you successfully sold a few products, (whether your own or as an affiliate), then you are a few steps ahead. If not, then you will have a few things to learn. (This forum comes in handy).

    Being able to set up a website to sell product, or making your services available on any of the freelance sites are some good steps to take, however, doing this does not guarantee sales and income. (many marketers in here who have created awesome products and services can attest to the challenge).

    So I suggest to learn all you can about how to stand out from the crowd, and gain leads/customers etc, and you will be well on your way...

    Possibly use your creativity to create a creative marketing plan.
    Arnold Stolting - Stolting Media Group
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    Don't think of Internet Marketing as a some magic thing... It is exactly what it says

    Internet Marketing = Marketing on the Internet... You can market anything on the Internet
    Affiliate Marketing = Marketing as an Affiliate...
    Network Marketing= Marketing using a Network of People

    The reason I say that is because you don't have to pick something In Internet Marketing...

    Find out what your good at and then find ways to monetize it.

    You can start by finding other artist your interested in or mentors in the art field that you strive to become and reverse engineer what they are doing to make money and do the same type of thing follow their path...

    And if they are not using the internet to market then do what they are doing, but use the internet to market.

    Do what you like... It makes your journey better. Be YOU
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    As an artists, you can go a very straightforward route and sell your services. But in order to distinguish yourself you would want to upsell or create a package. Instead of just doing graphics maybe you can sell people content packs of infographics or also sell the service of submitting your info-graphics to the most popular and relevant redditt and online forums related to their market.

    But regardless people will always need graphics the same way they will always need articles and backlinks. But in order to charge more you have to include more with your package
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    Turn you talent to digital design. With the correct promotion you should have no problem finding enough work to keep you busy.
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    Along with websites, success on eBay is all about smart use of keywords, and presenting your art in ways that connect with bidders.
    Skype: nirali.adattract
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