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Hello everybody,

I was suppose to receive 300$ from clickbank this week through direct deposit to my bank acc in India.. After 3 days, still the payment has not yet arrived in my bank acc.

On the clickbank site it says, paid date is 18-02-2015. generally the payment gets credited the next day itself, but this time it is getting delayed..

May i know when the payment will be credited to my acc.?

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    NEFT requires minimum 2 to 3 days and are you sure these are working days for the bank? I am not a clickbank affiliate, but other transfer requires some time.
    As you posted direct deposit, however my question why click bank goes to your bank or branch to deposit amount for you?
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    Direct deposit = Bank transfer(NEFT only).

    There was no bank holiday in the last 2-3 days. All indian banks are working. Since it was sent on 18th of this month, it should have got credit by now. I wonder, is it the same problem faced by other clickbank affiliates in india? Please let me know.
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    Originally Posted by keshav123_ks View Post

    May i know when the payment will be credited to my acc.?

    I think you have WF confused with Clickbank help desk.....
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    Hehehe.. nope.. I just came here to check if the same problem is faced by other clickbank affiliates from india?
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    Me too.. Let us write an email to Clickbank's accounting department regarding this issue.. Hopefully they will be able to resolve it.
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    I am also from India, it takes 4-5 days to get the money. So, don't worry your money is SAFE!
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  • Saturday's NEFT timings are over. Will have to wait till Monday to see if anything comes through.

    BTW I recollect a similar issue a couple years ago when Direct Deposit was delayed by a week or so. Most of the times, these deposits are credited in 2-3 days max. It is rare to have delays beyond that time frame.
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    Yes. That's correct! The payment should have got credited by now.

    If incase the payment doesn't credited and gets returned back to CB, what happens? Will they send us the payment again through Direct Deposit or else through cheque?
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    • There is no reason for DD to be sent back since my banking information is correct and has been unchanged for years (I've been receiving these deposits without problem since the past few years). My guess is CB will try to resend the deposit in case there is any error, non-remittance or other banking related issue. I hope the CB official who is active here lends their insight into this matter. Alternatively, we'll have to wait and see till Monday.
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    Yeah! We will wait till monday to see if the payment arrives or not.
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  • Keshav, just want to check one thing.

    If you use Paypal, have you, by any chance, noticed recent delays (specifically in Feb) in receiving money through Paypal?

    I'm trying to see if the CB deposit delay has anything to do with possible NEFT delay in this past week since both Paypal and CB use the NEFT system.
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    I Have also not received the income from clickbank of 18-2-2015 last week. Lets see ..we will be waiting . It means its not just me who hasn't received it.
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    Better Contact clickbank team regarding this issue. By the way if clickbank provided you any transaction id than you can contact your bank with this. hope its help you.

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    That's true.. I think there might be some issue in currency exchange as the forex market was closed on last thursday. This might have also caused the delay. So let us wait for one more day and decide the next step to be taken.
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    Please be sure to re-check the bank details filled in the accounts section of your clickbank account. if its correct, It will automatically come...or else you can ask for the check for the same...
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    Ok. If i ask for cheque payment, will they send it in INR or USD?? how long will it take for the cheque to arrive in india?
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    the check will be in USD...it will take upto 2 weeks to reach to you and another 2 weeks to get it cleared by local bank.... try to avoid this route if possible... better if you can contact their support and understand the issue to eventually solve it...as soon as possible... Its fast and easy method...
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    Oh.. It takes so long.. Hmm. I think i should contact them directly and ask them to send it through Direct Deposit only.. BTW, most of their Direct deposit payments sent to india has failed.. So i think it is an issue from their side.
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  • Paper checks are obsolete in this day and age. They take ages to arrive by post and to clear. Banks also ask dozens of unwanted questions and you've to submit a RBI-mandated declaration form to encash a USD check. Besides, the checks themselves can sometimes be lost in transit requiring a reissue, which causes more delays. Not recommended.

    The current issue with direct deposit is clearly a delay on either CB's side or a local NEFT problem. There have been problems like this back in 2009, 2010 and even 2012 -- all of which took more than a week to resolve.

    In 2009 and 2010, both Singapore and India were affected by direct deposit delays. In 2012, Australia was affected.

    Time to contact CB if the money doesn't arrive today.

    Just to be sure, contact your bank too and enquire about any pending inward NEFT yet to be credited. I'm doing the same too.
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    Ok. Let us send an email to them asking about the delay in payment and, if incase there was any problem from the bank side, let us ask them to resend the payment through DD only

    Our Indian banking system sucks..

    BTW, did u receive your payment from CB?
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  • No, I'm still waiting for that elusive payment. No luck here. It's seriously annoying.
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    Oh ok. What was the amount you were supposed to receive this week?
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    You won't get any answers here.

    Contact Clickbank support or your bank.


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  • The payment (sent 18 Feb) came in this afternoon.

    Keshav, check your bank account. You should have got the funds too.

    The problem was related to some delay in NEFT.
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    Yup, i received it this afternoon :-)

    Goodness Gracious.. Sometimes destiny takes it's own time to deliver the promise. :-)

    BTW, thanks a lot for your help n support. I really appreciate it. God bless you :-)

    And thanks to everyone too, who took time to reply to this thread :-)
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    I have to chuckle at the paranoia/angst exhibited in this thread.

    It took 28 messages back and forth to establish that CB payments recorded on the 18th actually made it to the recipient's account in 3 business days. Today is the 23rd, 23 - 18 = 5 and there were two non-business days (the weekend) in that span.

    Someone said early on that the normal time is 2-3 days, so it appears there was no delay.

    Perhaps a couple of you should swap email addresses so that in the future you can worry privately, rather than raising an alarm for no good reason.

    Sid Hale
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    Please i need to know something regarding Clickbank DD. My payment status is showing PAID but DATE SENT date is different. I want to know when will i get payment in my bank account?
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