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I'm developing a blog for my business and i need your honest thoughts on it.
Been up for a few days and right now I'm focusing on content.

Kindly review it and let me know what you think.

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    Originally Posted by Vince Mosweta View Post

    I'm developing a blog for my business and i need your honest thoughts on it.
    Been up for a few days and right now I'm focusing on content.

    Kindly review it and let me know what you think.

    Hey Vincent,

    First of all, your homepage in the header menu and your homepage when clicking on the logo are two different pages. This might be confusing for some people, make them them the same page.

    Now I have a few question and pointers:

    1. Why do you have a "join me" section when you have no opt-in forms or even a slightest hint on how to join you or why? What's the purpose of that page other than showing us some videos?

    2. Your opt in form in your sidebar is inconspicuous as I can barely see it if not looking straight at it. Make it more colorful and more attractive. Only huge websites with a huge following can get away with this.

    3. Why the long domain name and why co.? I realize that it's too late to change this now, but a .com or .net domain name is always more attractive. As for the name itself, if I was a random visitor and stumbled upon your blog I would have forgotten the name 30 seconds after leaving it. It's too long to remember for organic searches, or at least for most people.

    4. WHERE is the blog? You have some recent posts in the footer but I'm having trouble finding your posts page. This should be as simple as breathing. Don't make your visitor think, direct him or her to where you want them to go. People are lazy, I'm lazy, you're lazy, my mother is lazy. Keep it simple, precise and fast.

    5. To be successful in the online marketing field and actually sell something you'll need trust and professionalism. Have a look at some of your favorite online marketing blogs and compare their profile pictures with yours. I'm not personally going after your appearance, I'm just saying that your picture should symbolize trust and professionalism and yours looks like a selfie you take and send to your friends. Look into the camera and smile!

    We'll start from there and see how it goes. Here are some positive aspects of your blog though:

    1. Nice, clean website.

    2. You seem to have a decent grasp of the English language for being born and raised in Kenya. I don't know where you live how or what you've studied but you seem to know how to right a decently structured sentence.

    3. You seem to bring personality to the table which is always good. This can be special ace up your sleeve with online marketing being incredibly competitive. Just know who you are writing to and you'll be fine.

    So here is a small checklist based on my personal review of your website:

    1. Make sure that people can easily find your blog or at least give them a clear reason why they should join you or opt in.

    2. Change your profile picture, let people see YOU.

    3. Make sure that your homepage is the same as the logo click and the header menu click.

    This is just my objective review of your website. Please let me know if I've missed anything or if I misunderstood something.

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    You might want to include more emotional triggers that appeal to both reactive and proactive people.

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    Here's my view from a writer/SEO standpoint...which means I'm listing things that would help both rank and conversions.

    1) The spacing in your articles is not uniform. It will be annoying to most readers.
    2) Likewise, you should have photos for each sub-heading. It makes the page less intimidating and much more readable. Remember, consumers have the attention span of a tree slug.
    3) You have only one backlink between both articles combined, and neither points to a true authority site. Use a quote from the bureau of labor statistics (or any .gov, .edu or any major news network) to get an authority quote that's not a competitor.
    4) You have no links to your business in the article.
    5) Don't post these under "admin", post them under your real name (or bogus online name). This builds rapport and makes you more believable. Nobody takes advice from an anonymous blogger.
    6) Both blogs have a "sales-type" feel to them throughout. Remember that a blog is for starting conversations and your website is to sell...they should have two very different feels.
    7) You have typos in your profile.
    8) You have zero likes on Facebook, which shows you're not the real deal (get friends and family to like you first).

    Hopefully that helps! I know a few may feel harsh but I couldn't see how holding back would help you.

    Learn to sell like a pro through Web Synergy's marketing blog.

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    Thanks guys.
    I will be working on the said issues and by the end of the week the blog will look different.

    I appreciate!
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    Quite honestly you need alot more content for an honest analysis of your blog.

    I would say however it would be better to have a dedicated about me section where you just have information about yourself as opposed to having a post at the bottom like that, it definetly threw me off.

    The look and appearance of the blog is fine, you should put your facebook like page in a more visible area however, preferably top right corner
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    Your website seems nice to me. I have few questions about your website.
    1. Why are you using double menu bar ?
    2.Why there is no contact info on "Join Me" page?
    3. You should use a smiley photo
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    there's to much going on in the back ground and would make the site load a bit slower, would recommend changing the back ground picture
    RooR Bongs to Weed Bongs we have you covered
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