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First of all I would like to say hello to all of You. Hope You all are doing great!
I've been viewing this forum for a while and finally decided to become a member.
I'm really glad that this kind of forum exists ad that I was able to find it since it's very important to find a group of people that has the same intrests as You and also it's really important to find a learning material going on your way up to success.
However I finally decided to go into marketing business 100%. I think I'm going into copywriting and blog writing and I would like to ask You people for advices for beginner it would be nice if You could mention mistakes that I should avoid and some other important tips.
P.S If someone sees this post that's in the same place as I am feel free to contact so we can discuss our goals and help each other along the way.

Thank You
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  • Hello and welcome to WF. If you're going into blog writing, I would suggest you get your own website and hosting set up and choose a topic to write about. Don't use a free website if you can help it and also set yourself up with an autoresponder, like Aweber or GetResponse, as these are the basics youre going to need to market online.
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    If I had to share some awesome tips for you. Think of building a brand and focus on 2-3 methods of driving traffic. Create a blog to build your presence and deliver value on a daily bases. Also, really consider email marketing and building a list. Have a list is a asset that will serve you well in the long-term.
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    Congratulations on starting your Internet marketing career. More importantly, congratulations on taking the step to controlling your own life and income. I've been doing affiliate marketing since 2006, and it's one of the best businesses that you can get into.

    As a fellow writer, I can second the comments written about AWAI. They have some great courses on writing in all sorts of different markets. I would check their website out. They cover all kinds of writing in different markets.

    I would also check out some of the products that Tiffany Lambert, a member of this forum has released. She wrote a great e-book on making money writing PLR articles called PLR ATM that is really good. You can't go wrong with either one of those programs. Tiffany is all over this forum, and she's developed quite a name for herself as a great content marketer and PLR writer.

    Once again, congratulations! Go for it!
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    A very good answer by Grateful Warrior!

    I agree with him that if you have never earned a dime through Internet marketing then just don't quit your day job as yet... However, As others have said... First decide and create a plan of utilizing your talents to create an awesome solution for people which you can provide via online means.

    Build your profile in your niche...Earn some money upfront then go for 100%....And then Just don't quit...if anything not going as per your wishes or plan...Keep trying...keep pushing hard...
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      Originally Posted by vikash_kumar View Post

      Build your profile in your niche...Earn some money upfront then go for 100%....And then Just don't quit...if anything not going as per your wishes or plan...Keep trying...keep pushing hard...
      Emphasizing Vikash's advice: DON'T QUIT when the going gets tough. Yes, you will hit bumps and obstacles. Yes, you will feel like quitting at times. Yes, you will likely doubt yourself and your direction at times. However, never stop. Just keep going.

      Have a strong "why" as to the reason you are doing this. Who are you doing this for? For you and your own personal freedom? For your family and loved ones? To contribute to society? Have a strong "why" in writing to keep you going. Write it down before you even begin IM. Those who persevere succeed. If you don't yet have that quality of perseverance, then make a decision to develop it -- or don't even bother pursuing what is probably the single, greatest source of passive, residual income there is (Internet marketing systems on autopilot).

      I went to Armand Morin's "Big Seminar" in Atlanta about 9 years ago. One of the presenters (it might have been Armand) asked how many marketers there were earning over a million dollars a year and a very good portion of the audience raised their hands. Before that, he asked how many were making over $100k/year and a huge portion of the audience raised their hands. That should tell you something. You're in a great line of work if you choose to do IM.

      Keep in mind that if you succeed in generating a mere $3,000 per month in passive, residual income (PRI), you will have achieved the equivalent of those who have slaved and socked away $1,000,000 into an investment that earns them about 3.6% annually. Would you rather put in 3-6 months of hard, smart work to achieve the equivalent in passive income; or would you rather slave for God knows how many years to earn and save $1 million to live off investment income?

      You can play with numbers here to see how much you'd have to have in an investments in order to achieve the equivalent in per-month IM PRI.

      So, besides not quitting, a major piece of advice that many here will give you is to: Focus on PASSIVE, RESIDUAL INCOME from DAY ONE (yes, I am shouting). It took me about 15 years to get that simple yet essential lesson about freeing up my time and life, and now (finally) my income is 99.99% on autopilot. AND (yes, I'm shouting again), build your email list from DAY ONE after selecting a hot niche (Passive Print System will show you how).

      Had I done this from day one, I would have saved myself 15 years of 40-80 hour work weeks. Entrepreneurs, while often being out-of-the-box thinkers and innovators, are also often hard, stupid workers who have to keep working to generate money over and over again because they failed to focus on PRI. This is dumb, Dumb, DUMB. Because it is just as easy to focus on PRI as it is to focus on "one hit wonders" like product launches, one-off affiliate promotions, etc.

      Having done $90k in sales in a weekend and about $200k in over three days... and yet generating pretty much squat (by comparison) for months and months after those, I can tell you I would much prefer steady passive, residual income that lasts for years, than all the hard work executing a big hit-or-miss product launch or the huge expense of doing massive media buys to generate a big, exciting pay day.

      The worst part is that I didn't even build my own email list off those promotions. I generated over 7,500 opt-ins for the weekend promo I ran and yet I got ZERO email addresses out of it. Those 7.5k opt-ins belonged exclusively to the product owner I was an affiliate for and likely made him another few hundred grand. That was the height of marketing stupidity. Don't be me. Please don't be me. Be smart, not stupid. Work hard towards developing PRI from day one -- then you can retire within 1 year or less and do what you want to do with your life---assuming, of course, that freedom is important to you.
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    The main thing as a person just starting out you have to just start writing first. Even if you are a good writer you need to develop a habit of posting everyday, that is the main power you have with blogging. At the beginning things does not have to be perfect.
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    Thank You everybody for tips and advices I will go through this thread again and again and again so that I would remember what is important. Also I would like to ask if Word Press is the best place to start writing a blog?
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    • Originally Posted by Cant Tell View Post

      Thank You everybody for tips and advices I will go through this thread again and again and again so that I would remember what is important. Also I would like to ask if Word Press is the best place to start writing a blog?
      Yes, WordPress is a great place to start and easy to use. Host a WordPress site on your own domain and hosting though. Don't use their free service.
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    Are you planning to write the blog in your own language (whatever that may be?).

    I hate to tell you but your English is very stilted and sounds as if you used a translation program.

    How many English speaking people will want to read a blog full of obvious mistakes?

    "Asking for an advice"

    "for advices for beginner "
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    I don't know how much experience you have in blog writing, but I would suggest starting with a personal/hobby blog, using Wordpress' free site hosting and start getting some practice writing first.
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    Great advice from Grateful Warrior. My Internet Marketing journey turned a corner when I found a great coach to work with. Before that I would be attracted by all of the "shiny objects". I thought I was working hard but wasnt actually doing anything really productive.

    You have to have a clear strategy and having a coach that I could speak to on a weekly basis ensured that my focus stayed on track. You can do this, as many have without a coach, but in my opinion it certainly speeds up the transition into IM.
    Learn How To Be A Full Time Internet Marketer
    Join my membership site for just $1!Try before you buy.
    Check out whats inside here: http://garethinternetbusiness.com/solo/
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    No one else has been honest here except me : how can someone write a blog in English when their command of the language is stilted and poor?

    Hey maybe it offends you , but I am offended at the amount of stupid "Dear Madam" , "Dearest I wanted to write of our mutual friendships and loyalty blessing in me heart" blah blah
    "Greetings Dearest Lady , in my heart I want us always friends, the Honorable H. Pippenstock Farthing sitting on your service, joy in heart and always here, have much to tell you about moneys owed here to you self blessings and pot porridge" blah blab blab

    gag me

    Please....who would read this? We now have someone spamming in Chinese. Enough is enough
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