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Dear warriors,
What should i ask the solo ads vendor before make a buying
decision? Should we request to opt-in to their lists? Some
vendor refuse to let me see their opt-in page. Why so confidental?
Anyway, hw to find a good solo ada vendor?
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    Ultimately the best way to be sure is to buy through a site like WF. Usually disreputable solo ad promoters are quickly identified and banned. Ask for references from your chosen provider before buying
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    When I buy solo ads the first thing for which I search for is if there are testimonials about the seller and second if the customers of this solo ad provider have gotten sales. And I am not talking about 2-3 customers who have gotten sales, but more - at least 30%. I don't buy solo ads from sellers who have hundreds of buyers, but these buyers have received only a good optin rate, because this is not enough for me.
    Hope that helps
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