So I'm what you say a complete newbie.

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So I've just started affiliated marketing well that's even an over statement. I'm in the processes of starting a blog and using my blog to advertise for vendors. Is this the way to go? This task seems quite daunting first i need a blog on to which i get a lot of traffic, but not only that i need the visitors to click my hoplinks and buy from the vendors. Thanks for your time. Advice and feedback will be appreciated.
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    also posting tips on how to navigate such a big forum most efficiently will be appreciated.
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    Hey there PP

    Gosh there is a lot of information you will need my friend. If only it was easy to get a hoplink create a blog and get tonnes of traffic. lol

    Expand a little on what you are looking to achieve. Maybe firstly you need to create a blog. Have you done that yet? Have you got a website? What is your affilate offers, are they congruent with the blog topic!!! etc etc

    Also is your blog self hosted?

    So many questions so one step at a time. As far as getting traffic there are two ways to get it, Pay for it or build quality content based around your topic (will not get into keyword research here).

    Get some more information about marketing below... its free and will help you get informed about marketing. There is a opportunity tour, but forget that for the moment and learn from the course, Marketing is Marketing at the end of the day

    Dont start with Social Media! There's a reason it's FREE.... The BackBone Project
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    I can say that when i started, it WAS daunting. But as you go along its not bad. As a marketer (offline and online) for some time now, I would suggest a marketing plan, with goals, strategy, etc. This will give you a baseline to compare back. The plan doesn't have to be extensive, just a starting point which can be adjusted as you go along. You'll be glad you did it. And besides, it will keep you focused. Hope this helps.
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    Hey productpromoting,

    The absolute BEST way to learn what you're doing is 1. give it a try and 2. always record and analyze all your results. If you treat it like a business and ruthlessly alter your methods, eventually you will strike gold.

    With that said, viralim's advice is very good. Write a plan for yourself, stick to it, and figure out what's going right and what's going wrong.

    There are a TON of free resources around - keep reading up and honing your sales skills. If you ever have questions feel free to ask around here.

    We're rooting for you!

    Try this: update your blog 4-5 times per week with new articles and write an honest, well-researched review once per week, with your hoplinks in the review. Market your blog using social media and social networking, write lots of articles and submit them to article directories, and build an opt-in email list. If you follow this basic blueprint you should be converting sales in no time

    PM me if you have other questions!
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