What is the best article marketing guide you have ever read

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Hi Warriors,

I am searching for a good article marketing guide, can you please tell me what was the best guide you have ever used.


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    I may be wrong here, but if you are looking for a good guide then all you need to do is look up a man named Sean Mize, or look up a guy on this forum named Steve Wegeheim or something. I am not sure if I said his last name right but I'm sure somebody will correct me. These guys are pros. Sean Mize has almost 10.000 articles on EZA. Look for yourself.
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    I think Kevin Riley might have an article marketing WSO on the go at the moment. I've never bought anything of his that wasn't worth the money.

    Plot short fiction, long fiction, even outline non-fiction * Edit the question prompts to suit your genre * Easily export text and image files for use with your word processor or Scrivener.
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    Shannon Herod's "article marketing mastery" it is the best one I've ever seen and it's mostly videos too. Also free if you're a member of the war room.
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    Originally Posted by Shlomi Khutoretsky View Post

    Hi Warriors,
    I am searching for a good article marketing guide, can you please tell me what was the best guide you have ever used.

    Hello Shlomi,

    I have just made my first commission via the article marketing method.

    There are so many other good and pro warriors in the article marketing realm. However, not all of them can present their course to you, in a simple and easy-to-understand method. I found one, and it helped a lot!

    You can read my testimonial page and see how I did that with a Warrior's FREE WSO article marketing guide for newbie. His name is Casey, and he was being featured in my testimonial page, at the end of my post.

    Take a look at my testimonial page : My first ClickBank Sale - with only 2 articles being published ?! - For Newbies

    I hope it is going to help you somehow

    Have a nice day
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    I have read the Article Domination Meathod and thought that it was very good.
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  • Thank you guys, I myself won't be using it, I am searching for a guide that can help my VA be more effective with article marketing.

    Thanks so much,

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    I don't think anybody mentioned Michael Franklin's ebook on Article Marketing. I thought it was a great read and it was even free. You could just do a search for him on the forum.
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    Tim Gorman is the local hero around these parts. He's built a business around AM. And he doesn't even know I know that.

    Steven Wagenheim has also built a powerful business around it.

    Allen Graves runs an Article Directory and his Article Marketing Handbook kicks raw a$$ as well.

    Keeping this in mind...I really think you should pay attention to everything they write. I do.

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      Your VA needs quality info. All of the resources mentioned in this thread are really great.

      Allen Graves, www.website-articles.net, has a book titled The Article Marketing Handbook. You can only get this if you subscribe to his article directory. It's $10 a month, and you can cancel after you get the Handbook. HOWEVER, on the Members Only site you can also get his "Newsletters".

      Shlomi this info is ALL data driven. Allen is a NUMBERS FREAK (self admitted). He tests, he checks, he gets DATA, not opinions. Your VA can NOT get any better DATA than what Allen has. The newsletters are pure Gold, no kidding. Resource boxes, how to MARKET your articles, the other directories to use, it goes on and on. Ezinearticles.com FIRST or after you put your article on your site...he has the answer and it's DATA driven.

      His Article directory is UNIQUE. You can include photo's, images, and VIDEO in your article as well as Polls and many more things. He will tell your VA how to get your article ranked at the TOP of the search engines.

      Yes, I am a member. Yes, I've published at his directory and got the benefits. NO, this is not affiliate link. Have your VA check it out.

      Good luck,

      No sig today.

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