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Hi all, I've been messing with IM for a few months now. I've made a few sales and I'm slowly improving my business. I'm still not profitable but i feel like i'm in the right direction. but, in two months I am starting to study for my BA, that means I have to (really HAVE TO) start making some income otherwise I'll have to find some crappy job for the 4 years to come. first of all, I really don't won't to work some part time job while being a student. but on the other hand I don't want to waste all of my savings. so I ask you, fellow warriors, how can I build an income stream which will make me at least 30$ a day (it's really all I need for now) in two months? I have around 700$ to invest in this project but I would like to spend as little as possible. I want to clarify: this will change my life!!! I am willing to work as hard as necessary to make it happen. Please advise. thanks for your time, MM
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