exploring idea ... would it be useful to you?

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I'm exploring a way to help people deal with the complexity of making money online ... things like adsense, wordpress, and also deal with the information overload of the internet.

If anybody has any specific things theyd want help with on per min or per hour basis I'm all ears and may try to build it out. Also coding if a decent portion of you all use any type of coding on your websites.
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    I don't know if this is a sales pitch or you are offering a service (because it seems like it is), however it will be better suited for the "warriors for hire" section.
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      not a sales pitch or offering a service, not trying to hire myself out ... I'm trying to figure out what's the most confusing/annoying thing that warriors would want to have explained/taken care of for them on demand.
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        Maybe setting up a blog for people would be helpful to some beginners (adsense, wordpress, etc.)?
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          I guess you don't feel direct assistance on a per min or per hour basis would be useful?
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