To have a business, be in business

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Hi guys, lets get to reality.

If you don't go out locally and actually meet people, you are f..d

Trying to sell with email marketing, and building lists is getting old hat.

If you want to be in business, have a business.

Take action.

Or, dream..

Start a business, don't dream.

I ran around in circles for years.

I say, just write down what you want to do, and why you want it.

Why do you want this, what's your motive? Think!


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    Well said Jim! Taking action is so important. Many people are scared to take the first step.
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    It's all about the networking. I think that's becoming increasingly important to network well, and improve your social skills. More and more people are losing their skills at socializing, and this puts those of us who have them in a great position to take advantage of that!

    Network, network, network. Meet people, help people, connect people, and you will do well.
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  • James,

    Originally Posted by Action Man View Post

    If you don't go out locally and actually meet people, you are f..d

    You mean spend time having drinks while discussing business and NPO-related things with people like current KMart Australia CEO, who's also the former CEO of McDonald's Australia and McDonald's China, and current Genashtim Innovative Learning in Singapore founder, who's also the former Asia Pacific CO of Asea Brown Boveri, the world's largest power engineering firm, which is what I'm doing in these photos, and accept keynote speaking invitations for government office directors and leaders, Corporate Social Responsibility dep't heads of multinational firms like Accenture, professors and blind / visually impaired students of a country's premiere universities and technological learning institutions, which is what I did in the video below?

    Yeah, I think that's a good way to run and grow and expand a sustainable company...
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    The advantage of doing business online is that everything can be done without meeting the prospect or partners.

    If you really need to contact the person. Skype can be used. I don't understand why it's a must to go out and meet people.


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