One Of The Easiest Ways To Build A BETA Test List For Your Product

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Have you ever wondered why some of the gurus you follow, heck, some of the folks who's list I'm sure you and me both are on still require you to sign up for their next webinar?

I mean, you might have opened up your email for one of these shiney object offers asking you to be on their next webinar special, right?

And then you go ahead and enter in your name and email into the little box...usually without hesitation if its a person you trust and respect, right?

Well, what if you could do the same thing?

What if you could do it without having an audience of your own yet?

What if you could get other people onto your beta launch who are most likely to buy your product before they're even allowed in?

I've seen a few gurus put up squeeze pages to sign up to learn more only to to discover was that I had signed up to be able to read the rest of the sales letter.

Now, if the presale page gives you some valuable content then it wasn't misleading, however, generally speaking, but sometimes it can feel misleading, if you're not careful with what you're promising.

If you're asking people to sign up to learn more about a topic, its usually going to go over with good karma points to actually give something of value, first and foremost.

That will warm them up for the offer.

Solve a problem, but itch another one and allude to a tip of the iceberg sort of thing that if the person is reading it is interested in solving...get them to buy into the webinar.

Make the webinar low cost, or name your own price.


Gumroad or samcart.

You can get these folks to sign up as beta testers with the contingency that they also give you feedback, which you can sort of gently steer if you do it right.

Well, the easiest way to do this is to put up a squeeze page and get folks to opt in for some sort of BENEFIT, that you MUST satisfy if ever so briefly.

For example, if you're suffering from some sort of major problem, offer to solve the problem, succinctly, but to get the expounded answer, they'd have to sign up.

You can do this cheaply from platforms like Bing and Stumbleupon.

I hope that made sense and I hoped it helped some of you out,

You don't need a list to need an audience to sell stuff to.

Let me know if you found this helpful, or not, or if you have an alternative suggestion below.


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