The ONLY Two Things Every Internet Marketer Wants - Cater To This & Grow Rich!!

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Hi Guys

It's been a busy week for me both personally and professionally.

I just launched a WSO and am just completing another product launch inbetween running my bricks and mortar marketing business.

Anyway as always I have been working on my business and trying to figure out exactly what it is that makes us Internet Marketers tick i.e. what is it we are after.

I have broken it down to two basic goals.

1) Make Money
2) Reduced Workload

Now I may not win the Noble Peace prize for my observation.

However there is a really powerful opportunity here.
Especially if you create offers that combine the two basic goals well.

My conclusion is that anything you and I can offer our customers that make them more money whilst reducing their workload i.e. giving them back their time will be a success.

Have a bright and sunny one

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    Wait a minute...

    I thought the reason people got into MMO niches was because they really love to help people. You mean their real motivation is money? Scandal!!!

    Seriously, I appreciate what you're trying to say, but do I think people's motivations are more complex than you give them credit for. For instance, if you read a book like "Founders at Work" a current that runs through many of the entrepreneurs is their desire to change the world -- not in some sort of do-goody, "Kumbaya" sort of way, but in the way that Google search completely changed the way people find information online or Apple changed the way people interact with their phones.

    Moreover, even if some of the reasons people go into online business are to make money or reduce workload, if you focus only on those, your pitch is likely to sound empty. For instance, I remember someone on the WF PMing me to recommend I check out some sort of Facebook e-commerce tool. I say "some sort", because even now I'm not really sure what it does.

    The page I was sent to had some screenshots of the tool, but instead of even listing the features of the product the (very long) sales copy was almost completely devoted to telling me how much different people made using that tool. It was a nicely designed, professional-looking page, but completely unhelpful. It would be like selling someone a computer knowing that one of the things they want to do is check email and having a sales page consisting of different anecdotes from people saying how much they enjoy checking email on that computer. OK, that's nice, but how much RAM does it have? Does it have SSD disks? Is it a laptop or a desktop?

    What I'm saying is that instead of telling me how someone else made $23,532 using that Facebook tool, I wish they had told me how I could incorporate it into my business so that I could figure out whether or not I would make money using it.

    So yes, think about what your customers want, but (1) don't assume that all customers have the same end goals or even the same end goals as you and (2) make sure you show them how you're going to help your customers achieve their goals -- not just make abstract claims about them getting rich using your products or services. Those sort of abstract claims say more about the sellers goals for making money than the customers.
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    Great advice Amurrica

    I actually think we are in agreement.

    If the owner of the product had show you exactly how the FB tool could be used by your business to save time and make money the chances are that you would have purchased it.

    Trying to overwhelm you with information about other peoples success is missing the point.

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      yeah you probably wont win a Nobel Peace for this Observation but I have to admit it is two of the reasons I pursued IM way back when

      - Robert Andrew
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    Isn't this why all the banners say:
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    Ah yes, you left out altruism, Bernard. Unforgivable!


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    "The ONLY Two Things Every Internet Marketer Wants"


    You don't want much, do you?

    I can think of way more than two things I want for my business.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    What makes internet marketers tick or what makes YOU, specifically, tick?
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    Hi Bernard,


    That's my intent, and that's what my audience loves. Making money? Oh yes, that's a freeing vehicle but it's one piece of the puzzle. I like appealing to folks who want more than money, because money can be binding, money can screw up your goals, money can screw up your life if you focus too heavily on it.


    Money is a thing. Money can't give you money. People give you money.

    If you focus on a thing, you'll never feel fulfilled, and you'll likely struggle like most IMers online.

    If you focus on freeing you and freeing your audience, well, money, and other vehicles of freedom, flow to you with increasing ease as you create, connect and touch lives.

    Just my take of course, from here in gorgeous Bali.

    Thanks for the share and hey, good points on both counts. People love dough, and more ease, in their lives.

    Appreciate it Bernard.

    Onward and upward!

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I agree with freedom ... however I believe that most of us here see that having lots of money and redeeming our time equals the freedom we are after

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  • Yes..

    Information Products convert well because they..

    Solve the goal no1 > Increase results

    And software products sell so well, because..

    They automate and solve goal no2 of reduced workload

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    Well I guess 1st is authentic traffic which gives conversion and 2nd is the sustainability of the returning traffic. Both of course will definitely lead to money at the end.
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