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Can anyone help with me in telling if this domain would perform well:

storehead dot com
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    What do you mean by "perform well"? That's an odd question. Domains don't perform at all.
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    Domain is okay, but It's not about the domain name itself, it's about you making it a famous, a brand.

    Google, Facebook, Godaddy.. are just a few examples...
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    Content on the domain is important, the domain itself can't "perform well", if you are asking does your domain name looks appealing, I would say yes, its a good name.

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    Originally Posted by renukoot View Post

    storehead dot com
    Yeah ... sounds like an adult domain to me. Too many people cracking jokes about it in the younger ages (say less than about 25).

    Stop trying and start DOING

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    I don't find it appealing, althought I have no idea what you're planning to use it for. What is a "store head"? Never heard of it. I can't think of anything I'd build on it.
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