Stop buying "Make money online courses!" (MY ADVICE FOR NEWBIES)

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You need money NOW and not months away from today. I'm sure you already bought your first "Make money online course" and you already have a website, which means you're already good to go and apply for an adsense account, (It's free) it's a decent platform you can use to start making a few dollars each day without selling anything

There's not much to it but there are a lot of free tutorials on youtube on how to apply, use and configure an adsense account

Next, you need TRAFFIC! lots of it! For a newbie is not very profitable to rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization = Liking Google) as you're told by many courses

Stop buying courses on "how to make money online" because most courses show you how to setup websites and tell you what to sell, or lots of other stuff that you can learn for free here on the forum of in youtube.

If you are willing to spend money on courses, then look only for "traffic" courses or "free traffic" courses or "social media traffic" courses or "viral traffic" courses and stay away from "magic traffic softwares", once YOU KNOW how to drive traffic to your websites you can start earning as much as you want and no one can take that away from you

In fact, here's a screenshot of the traffic I generated to a website I made 7 months ago when I just started making money

Since then, I told yippee ki yay to my ex boss and the alarm clock!

Once you have a budget you can start with paid traffic and list building, which you can also learn from this forum.

It is not impossible, all it takes is your will to learn!
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    I certainly wouldn't buy a course about making money, not when there is so much free information on excellent sites like WF.
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      Originally Posted by Lightlysalted View Post

      I certainly wouldn't buy a course about making money, not when there is so much free information on excellent sites like WF.
      I think this is true to a certain degree. I have in the past found it useful to pay for some information that was neatly put together and very easy to understand and well organized.

      People do pay for convenience

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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      Originally Posted by Lightlysalted View Post

      I certainly wouldn't buy a course about making money, not when there is so much free information on excellent sites like WF.
      Alot of people will buy a "MMO" course anyway. They just want a complete package that will give them EVERYTHING they need to know... the so-called "secrets".

      If they go to and try out all of the online business ideas they have listed, a newbie will become confused and frustrated. So free information online or not... there is still a ton of money to be made in this niche as necessary... at least until the alien robots come down and do our hard work for us... and let us chill at home forever for free.
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    "yippee ki yay to my ex boss and the alarm clock"

    Such a short line, yet so motivational, lol.

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    I would pay for graphics, software, website, theme , ads, a video.
    There are a few offline "courses" - very detailed, that would be worth it.

    I would not pay for most of the recycled bs sold in pdf form

    I sure would not pay for a "mentor". I find it so offensive that all these supposedly brilliant leaders troll the forums with "lookie me" sig line and promote themselves.

    Sad to say but some people seem to be addicted to the idea of making money online, buying courses and paying for mentors but never really doing anything.

    You would be better off to invest your time and energy in learning some skills, finding your own passion or "niche", getting into action.

    If you don't know how to build websites or do seo, don't buy courses to sell those skills.

    If you don't know how to telemarket or cold call don't try it. You could get a job in a telemarketing room or sell on commission and make money while you learn.

    If you plan to sell in the USA don't even try coldcalling or "videos" or webinars if you have a heavy accent and "broken"English. (well maybe classy British accent or cute Aussie or Irish LOL).
    Want to write content for US Market? Please be fluent. Some of the mistakes here are just laughable.
    Why would I buy a "wso" from someone who is using a translator program to write the sales pitch?

    IMHO you should avoid any spammers... people so ignorant to spam threads with self promotions are a real red flag.

    Don't keep chasing the newest bright shiny thing. Oh...and use your head...anyone offering a "do it for you" deal is full of it. Why would they do that? Think...put on the old thinking cap and stop chasing rainbows.
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    Some of the best investments I've ever made have been "How to make money" courses.

    About six years ago I paid $67 for Steve Weber's "Adsense Connection" and used what I learned to make many thousands. I still use some of the things I learned from Steve, every day.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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      Armand is absolutely right. Just pay to learn skills, not to learn magic systems.
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  • The 'QUICK MONEY' campaigns everywhere pollute the internet and there is no way for people to know what to believe. I think inevitably what it comes down to is the ability to follow your passion!

    Lets be really abrupt and say this: Making millions is NOT EASY!!!

    It DOESN'T happen overnight, except on really, really, exceptionally rare occasions. Even then the idea has primarily been developed over months and years, inception happens long before money creation happens.

    If you are NOT passionate about what you do (quote me on this!!) - "YOU WILL FAIL!"

    Your passion can be for any aspect of business or success. However as long as you have deep passion for at least one part of your success, you might not allow the long periods of rejection and constant persistence required to kill your dreams!

    In conclusion: There really is no such thing as 'QUICK MONEY" - Pay for education, KNOWLEDGE is the single greatest currency known to man... Chase Knowledge, Earn Your Dreams!
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    Yup! Been there done that. But we learn from our mistakes. I would suggest the same to anyone just entering the online marketing platform. There's no magic formula. Just start!
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  • The key to turning from a newbie to a marketer is to sell things instead of buying them. It's not really difficult to understand, but it seems to take some people many years to absorb that concept.

    Craigslist Posting Expert! Best Value and Service on the Web!

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      It's so funny that I see this today. It's absolutely spot-on. I actually just put out a video report last night on the 7 Secrets of Internet Marketing Failure. The #1 and #2 secrets are all about making progress and stop the shiny object syndrome.

      I've suffered for 10 years from trying to perfect everything before launching it and that just stops the wheels of progress cold. And the shiny object syndrome will kill you with overload and drain your wallet if you're not careful.

      I think it's a statement of our modern society really. The large majority are looking for push button riches, and it just doesn't work like that. But, that's what most every product that comes out the door is promoting "push button riches". So, we keep buying in hopes that this is going to be the one. Stop the madness.

      Just know that it's going to take some effort. You can make money online with pretty much any of the common methods that are taught today. IF you just stick with it until you see success. So, just pick something and stick it out. Then when you see success, just scale it up.

      If you're interested, the link to the free video report I created is in my sig.
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      Originally Posted by AndrewAdamSmith View Post

      I spent a small fortune on online money making programs. The only one worth my time was online blogging.
      How many of these old threads are you going to resurrect and post the same thing on?
      Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
      All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Book on "How to Make money on this that" never works.

    Use your money to learn some skills and knowledge on the field/niche you are interested in.
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    Sadly, I have bought a lot of courses. Most have information that is out of date and does not work any more. Sadly, people do not take the time to update their courses. Result is people being getting bans from sad sense, you tube, amazon even. Please remember that these sneak tricks may have worked years ago. However, they do not work now.

    These tips are so old, that your little village probably has electricity, I mean high speed broad band internet. by now. Jest we may, it does not help a newbie to get advice that was poor back in the dial up 90's days even.
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  • wow these tips really are old -_-
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