Isa funny domain name OK for a serious business?

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Hello fellow Warriors, I really need your advice!

I am going to start a new magazine like website in the survival niche and I was wondering what you think about domain names.

I found a couple of really short (think 6 letters), funny .com domain names that are unique, memorable and errr short.

But I am not sure if people would buy from a website / serious business with a funny name? Would you?

What do you guys think? Can I get away with my short, funny domain name or should I go for something serious, boring with keywords?

All opinions appreciated :-)...

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    Always a tricky one. One persons humour causes someone else offence. Personally I would steer clear of them UNLESS your business is about a comedy related theme.
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    It really depends on what context it's funny.

    Only you'll know unless you reveal the domain and niche here.

    Without knowing, you'll probably hear everyone say the same thing: why create potential problems for your business before you even start it?
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    For obvious reasons I don't want to reveal the domain names :-) but the website will be in the survival niche.

    What it boils down to is say... VS

    One is short, fun, easy to remember versus a very generic one.

    Now would you rather choose the fun, short one or the generic one? And would it affect if you buy from said website? Eg would you rather buy your shoes from or, if everything else like price, quality etcpp is the same? Or would the domain name not influence your buying/sharing decisions at all?

    Sorry for being a bit cryptic, but I am trying to clear my mental fog around this subject lol.
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    I think it depends on the actual domain name. I can understand you not wanting to share it though.
    Personally, if the domain name isn't offensive or anything, then I think it's better to go with an easy to remember domain, than one that might not stick out.
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    Funny can be good because it is more likely to be remembered. Just stay away from humorous names that touch upon race, sex, or off-color remarks, because even if you meant it to be tongue in cheek or self -deprecating humor, there will be potential subscribers who are put off by such a name.
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      Well, 'Cracked' is doing some serious business...
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        Stefan, I don't think it will deter people from buying necessarily. But if you want to use a funny name and it's a new business, then I'd recommend finding a way to brand the name so people connect it to your business.

        For example (and this isn't the best example but I can't think of a good one off the top of my head), Zappos wasn't even a word, but it was chosen it as a clever (and now nationally recognized) name for a shoe and clothing business. It works for several reasons - it's short, it's unique, and it's easy to remember. But it took some good marketing to create the brand.

        So, to use your web hosting example, if you could find a clever way to turn "Fat Cow Web Hosting" into a recognizable brand, then the domain would work and make perfect sense. But to just grab a domain name arbitrarily because the name itself is funny might not be a good route to go for your business. Grab the name if you can make it memorable and make it your brand. 6-letter or really short one or two-word dot com domain names are hard to come by these days.
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    Ever heard of "Google" and "Yahoo"? Funny domains, serious business.
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      Funny names that are branded can be lucrative over time.

      - Robert Andrew
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