Where do I need to invest?

by Mick01
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My website www.streamlinedesigns.com.au has been getting a bit of traffic (about 600 unique visitors/month) about half paid and half organic mainly from google.

I'm getting a 70% bounce rate and under 0.5% conversion. I've been tweaking the site for months now but nothing seems to help... google ads CTR is about 2.5% and I think is very well targeted traffic, clicks are also under $1.00 so If I can get a decent conversion I should be able to up the ads budget and get plenty of work.. but atm I would not get enough work to make the advertising worth it..

Most of my clients are very happy with my service, I make a decent profit and there is a big market so I think the business is viable, I just need a decent conversion...

What do I need to improve or where do I need to invest? CRO, Content Strategy, Marketing, Sales Copy?

Any advice would be much appreciated

  • I would say..

    Start building a list and then..

    > Promote affiliate offers
    > Promote solo ads
    > Etc

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      Hi, what do you mean by building a list?

      I had thought about affiliate offers, Do you think this could be better than PPC?
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    Thanks yordanov, sorry I forgot to mention I have tried FB ads. The problem is that my site is getting a high bounce rate and not converting... I think my ads are well targeted but something seems to be putting people off when the get to my site, or maybe just not convincing them enough to get a quote..

    I've tried ads on google, bing and facebook, all of which I've tried different ad copy and all of which get a good CTR and good CPC
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    What are you classifying as a conversion? Someone asking for a quote? Or a buyer?

    As a first thought I would add a button to get a quote near the top of the page. At the minute it is at the bottom only as far as I could see (leave the one at the bottom, just add one at the top too). I know you have a contact us on the navbar but just want something that catches the eye of the reader above the fold (at the top of the page before you have to scroll).

    I think you should also try to showcase the online drafting service a bit more. As far as I can see that is your main selling point but you don't seem to be showcasing it that much. Tell the customers why this is such a benefit to them over any competitors.
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    Hey Michael-

    I'm actually looking for someone to help me convert a 900 sq/ft garage into a home office, so I'll start by saying that I am an ideal customer for you. And that's important because everyone else here has told you how to gain more traffic, but traffic is not your problem at all....it's conversions. So you definitely don't want to spend ANY more money on traffic until you fix the conversion issue.

    So as an ideal consumer, what do I see? Your site has a nice layout and it's easy to navigate, so that's a big plus. The more I looked around though, the more frustrated I got because all I saw was pictures. And without any type of story behind the pictures, I have no idea what you did and what was already there. Your portfolio page has to tell stories and it doesn't...so I would have left your site after I visited this page.

    Since I was trying to help you though, I kept looking. I clicked on your samples page, but I couldn't get the images to resize big enough to read the print. So I'm asking myself, can he draw plans for me in the US or not? I don't know because again...you gave me pictures with no words. So this page would have made me leave as well.

    On the pricing page, the pricing is confusing....I have no idea if my design would take 6 or 10 hours...but then you asked for $1800 for a single story house. Where does my building fall in that equation? It's frustrating that there's not enough information here so once again, I would leave after seeing this page.

    So you have 6 pages and none of them answered my specific questions as a customer...do you see the problem here? While I could get a "no obligation quote" anyway, that's not how consumers operate for these types of purchases. We want to self educate and if the info is not on your site, then we will visit someone else's....which is where your big bounce rate is.

    Here's what I would do to fix that-

    At the top of your homepage, give me a simple video with you explaining your business, the order process and your experience. On the portfolio page, make each of those photos go to their own page that describes the project, the challenges, and ultimately what the customer said about your work. On the sample page, give me an option to zoom and tell me what each project would cost. On the prices page, give me a lot more detailed information about what is included in the cost....or make a page for each project type (which would be huge for SEO). If you give each it's own page, then put a short video on the top of each and conversions will skyrocket. Finally, put your "request a free quote" on the right side of the page with its own graphic so it stands out.

    I hope that helps.

    Learn to sell like a pro through Web Synergy's marketing blog.

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      Hi kk075, Thanks for the feedback that all makes a lot of sense... I will definitely start adding some of what you've suggested..

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    It's like this bro, how do you sell this service to your offline clients?

    Map out that process and then put it online and drive local traffic to it!
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    Thanks Matthew, I've made some changes now and tried to explain the process clearly on the homepage. hopefully that helps...
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