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I am looking for the best internet marketing system out there as i do not want to start from scratch building a marketing system. I would rather cut the time to success by employing an already made marketing system. So far I have come across Pure Leverage and Power Lead System...What do you guys suggest?
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    Sometimes working from scratch is the best way to have a business. That is how most do it that are successful

    - Robert Andrew
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    There are plenty of marketing systems that work, it's really hard to tell you which one you should get started with.

    What i do want to mention is that whatever system you choose, you shouldn't give up too easily. That's where most people fail. Just focus, stick to it and you'll succeed if you really want to.
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  • There are a lot of internet marketing systems/courses out there and I believe that each system is a good system to start with as most of these products/courses are based from the vendor's/creator's IM experience.

    You need to know your preferences first before you choose the system for you. I suggest you read about affiliate marketing stuff online - familiarize yourself with everything about affiliate marketing.

    By doing this first, you get to know what you want to do, what you need, etc. You can list all these down so you can refer to your list when you are looking for a program that best suits you.

    I also suggest that you try to look for free programs/courses first. You can start from free information- there are tons of free but good information in the Internet. This will save you money and you can allot the money in something else- like investing in paid marketing.
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    I know a free great one but you can't customize it, as it is pre-built especially for an offer

    Why don't you spend some time & setup your own, it's the best way to achieve good results.
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    Careful with what you go with.
    A lot of these systems have been marketed to death..
    and lose their appeal.

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    Internet marketing system, Its a space where many make classic mistakes must make sure That it must be affordable, Must be generic that can suit your company, Must offer Value, and keep up to date as the internet changes weekly in some situations, Must help you brand you!
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    An Internet Marketing System is a kind of medium which is automated process and used for attracting visitors the biggest advantage is that you can get the customers online in a certain price whom you are invited. The affordable internet marketing system also helps folks to start their home business in minimum amounts.
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    I agree, why not start your own system? I understand you wanting to cut down the time to success, but using a system that doesn't really work for you might make matters even worse..
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