Is it possible to make a new social network?

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Is it possible to make a new successful social network this days?
what kind of tools you need for this quest,
what you think?
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    sure - as people keep saying here "anything is possible"....whatever...

    Here's some real info on it:

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    Yes, it is possible.

    Can you do it? It's highly improbable. The chances of success that you create the next Facebook or Twitter is almost 0.

    You would greatly up your chances of being successful if you chose to create a social network (often called a "community") in a tightly focused niche where the prospects were rabid and no other community alternatives existed.


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    If you came up with a new idea, something like Vine and Snapchat did, it could go big..

    It's all about that viral marketing and great ideas.
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    The Way pintrest came out of nowhere I believe you can!
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    It's obviously possible but any given attempt is unlikely to succeed. You will have to offer the market something new and exciting. You can't offer a service that is very similar to something already there as then why would anyone choose your idea over the established brand?
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    Google tried and mostly failed ( I gotta remember to remove those G+ links ) with G+.

    You will need large capitol, even if you start small. Do you think you could deal with a massive amount of traffic and members in a very short time, should you go "viral"?
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    Think gimmick or niche. Go for that. Image based seems to have been the big thing recently.
    I would say one critical element would be ability to cross post among existing networks. So it needs to be Twitter, Instagram, etc capable.
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    Sure. Why not? It's just that you have to be innovative in your approach to develop and market something that will take over Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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      A social network is just a place people like to hang out at...

      If you can make a network that people want to hang out and and be at you will have a winner.

      You don't have to be as big as a Facebook to have a good community of people

      Go for it
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    I wouldn't stake my money into it. Whether you're doing it for fame or immediate fortune... none will happen overnight. You will need some guidance and research of how all the major social networks became giants. The first thing you will need is a large advertising budget. How much money are you willing to risk huge debt from for a business loan at the bank... after pitching your idea to the loan officer? Hope you got a great credit score, or some high value collateral.
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    Maybe but not if you have to ask on a forum...

    Originally Posted by littletoot View Post

    Is it possible to make a new successful social network this days?
    what kind of tools you need for this quest,
    what you think?
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    It's an immense project for sure. Here's a list of things you need to begin with:

    - A team of good developers and programmers. It's impossible to do it alone.
    - A starting capital. You'll need to pay for ads, paid advertising, employee salaries, development fee's, loans, hosting, services and so on.
    - A new, exciting idea. Countless social networks have launched and dies out quickly because their concept wasn't good enough.
    - Being able to handle vast amounts of traffic and sign-ups.

    And much more, this is just a small list of requirements!
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    Well nothing is impossible, i recall watching an episode of Shark Tank were these ladies
    wanted investment to blow up there dating network for single women. It was surprising the
    amount of members they had already and there projections was to go big within the next
    2 years or so.So you just have to do something different and blow it up via social media.
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    Does anyone here have experience with funding for these types of projects? I've had a great social media idea for awhile now but like Kay's reference said, who has the half million to fund it and the year to build it? I'd need to take on a wealthy partner and that's something I have zero experience with.

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    You can, in fact there's some open source "social network" frameworks you can use.

    Of course, unless you're a master coder it'll just look like a scaled down Facebook! You need to have a USP if your social network is going to be successful because otherwise people would wonder why they would need to sign up to your network when they could just join a group on Facebook.

    Theoretically, yes you could and realistically, if there is a need out there that isn't being met by any other social network but could be fixed by your social network then it could be successful.

    I have to admit I don't think I could think of any need that isn't being met by one of the main social networks.. but that doesn't mean that you can't!
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    IMO.Everything is possible..But will that succeed? that's doubtful...

    What new are you going to bring in social network? Social network of what? There are social network of almost every niche. Why would someone join your network unless they find something better than existing social networks. building a facebook like network can take lot of money and years of ideas that are put together. and making a niche specific social network can still be possible unless you have a creative idea, ability to put efforts, knowledge of technology and of course the Money.

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      There's plenty of opportunity for niche social networks based around a specific topic, hobby or passion. But general social networks like Facebook and Twitter are just too hard to compete against even if you have resources. Just look at Google+. With all the resources Google has, it still hasn't been able to build enough momentum to make Google+ mainstream. They've even started moving resources away from the Google+ team and it's predicted that Google will scale back Google+ and put more emphasis on growing Gmail's social tools instead. Google isn't afraid to pull the switch on projects or programs that are not meeting its vision of dominating a market.
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