The thrilling success story of an Indian ghostwriter

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Hi everybody,

I am 60 years old young man. As a retired scientist, I was looking for a way of making some money to overcome my family economic problems. I was a part time associate as a chemical consultant in one project Management Company. The director asked me whether I knew anything about computers. I had absolutely no knowledge of computer and how it works. The secretary working in this company gave me basic idea about how PC works. Without any formal knowledge about PC and internet, I started my internet marketing/business journey. I had a dial up internet connection which worked at the speed of bullock cart speed.

Initially I paid $60 in Indian Rupees to an Indian firm for providing me work at home.I was promptly cheated. I vowed never to buy anything on internet unless I can find out my own way of making money on internet. Initially I was aimlessly surfing on internet.I was reading anything and everything. There was lot many terms/words which I never understood. But I simply kept on reading. Then I came across Travis sago.

Frankly speaking I did not understand the meaning of the word "Bum" fully at that time! But the most important thing had happened in my life. I was introduced to warrior forum by Travis sago. I will remain indebted to him for this simple advice. Warrior forum taught me everything that I needed. For nearly two months I was reading all the forum everyday. Everything was free. I was shy. I did not participate in forum discussions much. But the knowledge that I gained was tremendous.

I had to make money fast. I was retired scientist and could handle research of any kind. I had published books in my native language and so my writing skill was well established. I decided to do the ghostwriting work. There was lot many problems before me.

My English grammar was OK. But it was certainly not perfect. I did not understand many slang words at all. So my first thread in warrior forum was "what is the meaning of lol?" There were so many kind hearted warriors ready to help me! One of them guided me to free slang directory also! My confidence level increased tremendously. I was sure that in case of difficulty, there would be lot many warriors to help me out.

Thus started my roller coaster ghostwriting career. I was ghostwriting like a mad person for last one and half years. I wrote more than 2000 articles on more than 70 different topics. I was learning lot many things. I knew that Indian writers were supposed to be weak in grammar, poor in research work and unprofessional. My philosophy was simple. I was ready to do as much research work as was required. Whenever I was given suggestions, I accepted them humbly with thanks and improved my writing skills accordingly. I was completely professional. There were circumstances beyond my control which many times forced delayed deliveries of articles. In spite of all these difficulties my career did flourish.

The money generated helped me tremendously to overcome all my financial problems. One of my clients told me to write on forex. I studied it so deeply, that now I have separate money income stream of forex. I have also diversified in affiliate marketing. I still do ghostwriting. But that I do for building new and lasting relationships.

Moral of the story?

Simple, if 60 years young man from a third world country with so called poor knowledge of English, can convert himself into a professional ghostwriter then you can also become a ghostwriter!

No! This is not the case. You need a special skill for becoming a ghostwriter and not everybody can do it. But if you do have writing skill and willingness to do quality research, then third world country tag should not deter you from achieving success.

Warrior forum is the best place for the newbie to learn about anything and everything regarding internet business completely free of charge.

Today I am economically well settled and the credit goes to warrior forum and all the inspiring posts of lot many warriors.

Thank you everybody.

Thanks a lot.

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    Great post! so encouraging.

    Thanks for sharing
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    Well done Pratibha - a lovely story.

    And good luck for the future too.

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    Hi. Monsur and Will, Thanks for appreciating the post. Pratibha
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    Hi Pratibha,

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.

    Great example on the results that a person can achieve if he applies all the knowledge that he has learn.

    All the best to you


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    That's a great story you have. Now, spend $20 on WSO and you can get even MORE jobs!
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    Great story.

    Personaly I do not belive in any kind of
    prejudice. I am a jewish ukranian, living in Israel and 20
    year old. It didn't stop me to when I was getting
    started in IM.


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      Hi Joseph, Thanks for your advice. But just as I have made it clear in my post, I would like to use my writing skills to build new and lasting relationships. But yes, the fun part of your comment is appreciated.

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      • Profile picture of the author la dominatrix
        Originally Posted by pratibha View Post

        Hi Joseph, Thanks for your advice. But just as I have made it clear in my post, I would like to use my writing skills to build new and lasting relationships. But yes, the fun part of your comment is appreciated.

        What do you hope to achieve from this
        La dominatrix
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        • Profile picture of the author pratibha
          Hi everybody,
          What do I want to achieve?
          I have already two well established monetary sources. I will like to diversify in many other fields on IM for making money. I have stopped ghostwriting as it is time consuming for me. There are many nonwriter bummarketers. I will like to connect them to one of my writer friends who might be interested in providing affordable quality articles.
          For all the small guys this will be an opportunity. I am certainly not interested in running content provider services churning out bulk orders and all that. This is just an experiment. I am trying to help small webmasters to connect with small writers, where both can grow. I repeat I am not doing this for money. This is my way of saying thank you to all those people who have helped me. If interested, do visit my blog and then give your suggestions regarding this experiment either on my blog or here.
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    Hi Igor, Thanks for your comments. It is nice to know that people like you do exist. May their tribe increase many fold! Pratibha
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    Great post, Pratibha. It should be an inspiration to every beginner on the forum (and many not-so-beginners).

    According to "conventional wisdom," you had a number of strikes against you. Many people facing fewer obstacles have just given up and quit, but you didn't. My hat is off to you. And I admire your spirit. Instead of looking at what you didn't have, you concentrated on the resources you do have, put them to use, and built a success. Congratulations.

    Cheers from warm and smiling Thailand,
    Special offer for all Warrior authors...
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      • Profile picture of the author pratibha
        Hi Charles, You have put everything in right words. Thanks a lot. I feel that present generation has this wonderful medium of internet where anybody of any race, cast, credentials from any part of the world can make some money and achieve his/her economic freedom. The contribution of warrior forum and
        all the warriors is immense in this silent economic revolution taking place all over the world.
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        • Profile picture of the author drmani
          Prathiba, congratulations

          I'll be pointing many youngsters who ask me for guidance to your post
          as a shining example of the power of focus, attitude and passion.

          If I can help you in any way, please let me know.

          All success
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          • Profile picture of the author pratibha
            Hi Dr Mani,
            Thanks for your post. You are one of the warriors who had HELPED me when I was a newbie. It was way back in 2007. I was thinking of diversifying in squidoo lense flipping. I had asked for your advice. You had PMed me your detailed answer. Not only that but you had sent me two of your squidoo books completely free of charge. As a newbie I was thrilled beyond words by your simple but touching gesture. Unfortunately I could not develope the business of squidoo lense flipping due to time and money constraints. In those initial fumbling days I had read some threads announcing that "article marketing is dead". I feared that I will not be able to make money in article writing. I had PMed you my doubts. You inspired me by writing that one of your article was actually sold for $300. That was turning point. There after only thing that I did was wrote madly for hours and hours. I was shy in those days. I did not post much in forum. Your PMs were great inspiration. Thank you very much once again. Pratibha.
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              Originally Posted by pratibha View Post

              Hi Dr Mani,
              Thanks for your post. You are one of the warriors who had HELPED me when I was a newbie. It was way back in 2007. ... Thank you very much once again. Pratibha.
              WOW! I don't even remember that! You are most welcome.

              And thank YOU. You just made my day - and validated
              the conscious decision I made many years back to help
              as many people in any way possible.

              It creates an IMPACT in so many unexpected and delightful
              ways... like this

              All success
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    What an Inspiring story..

    Writing really is one great way to make a decent living online..

    Thank you very much for sharing this.

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    • Profile picture of the author squeezecpa
      Wow, you put a smile on my face. It's always nice to hear another Warriors success. I wish you all the best.
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    Now that's a success story!!

    Well done :-)
    $1,000,000+ in sales already! Promote #1 software online:
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  • Profile picture of the author techuse
    Wow. Great Story.
    Greatly Encouraging.
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    • Profile picture of the author pratibha
      Hi Adeel, Thank you. I have already thanked you for your signature video in that thread. Let me take one more opportunity to thank you. Your signature video made it possible for me to create signature as per my ideas. I had published this thread first and added the signature afterwards. I could do it in seconds because of your videos. Thanks.
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        Your post is inspirational.
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    He had a desire to make money.
    He sought out the information.
    He studied the information he found in Warrior Forum to get understanding.
    He asked questions for the things he did not know here in the forum.
    He put a plan into action.
    He followed the actions through to completion.
    He sits pretty on a load of cash and several streams of income.

    He thanks his friends and folks in the Warrior forum.

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  • Profile picture of the author Bev Clement
    Pratibha very well done. Will your interest in research there are many other ways you could earn an income as a ghostwriter.

    It is interesting that you call yourself a ghostwriter because a lot of people who only write articles don't.

    Again well done, but consider what else you can do, which can take you to the next level of writing.
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    Great post, and very encouraging. Always good to see success stories.

    All the best,
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  • Profile picture of the author Gabe77
    Very encouraging post! I've learned to hone my writing skills by taking cues from the warriors here. It really makes a difference, a huge one, when you encounter people who are very much willing to share valuable ideas to get you started, be it article writing, affiliate marketing, etc.
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    • Profile picture of the author Barry Walls
      Great story...and it's something I teach ALL my students.

      Writing is fast money...but it's more than's a springboard onto other things....which have the ability to generate a passive income.

      It also gives you time time to learn internet marketing while earning a full time income relatively quickly.

      Well done.


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  • Profile picture of the author jimbo21
    Nice. I love happy endings
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    • Profile picture of the author pratibha
      hi Bev clement,
      I am one of your fans. I had sent you an invitation of friendship before publishing this thread post. There was no response from your side, which I can understand very well. I hope that this thread post
      inspires you to accept my friendship invitation! I know that there are many levels of article writing. I will like to learn more about them from you in one of your coaching classes in future. Thanks for the post.

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  • Profile picture of the author thewizard
    Very inspiring story. Hard work always pays off and you're a living proof of that!
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    • Profile picture of the author pratibha
      Hi Barry,
      Thanks for your post. My career in article writing has taught me lot many tricks about keyword research, market analysis, and many more things. By article writing you get an over view of the whole of the internet marketing scene.
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  • Profile picture of the author dawei888
    Hi Pratibha! That's a great story of success - Thanks for sharing!
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  • Profile picture of the author tranquility
    Very inspiring! It's wonderful to have people come back later and say how much they learned, put into practice and succeeded with.

    Thanks for sharing that, Pratihba ... it encourages everyone.

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  • Profile picture of the author tessmac9708
    In the words of a famous football manager from England known as Cloughie, all I can say is "Well Done Young Man"

    Best wishes

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