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Hi Warriors,

Is there a complete and ground breaking (or just plain awesome) tutorial on squeeze page uploading that anyone can direct me to? One that shows every last detail including how to deal with file extentions and where to put the file?

Followed the advice of some with not so great results...

I've tried uploading the squeeze page to cpanel as a zipped file and as an unzipped file. I've tried putting the file in the document root and the public_html with no success. No matter what I've done it just results in my website looking like a list of files.

I know it must be just a few simple adjustments that need to be made, but they're just not obvious to me. More or less because of conflicting advice that I've read, or what seems like conflicting advice.

So the question is how do I make my website look like a website and not a laundry list of files?

A video tutorial would be ideal, or even just a pdf with images would also work. (I do better visually.)

My heartfelt thanks to you all.
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