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Any eBayer here?

I am really thinking about starting business on eBay but don't know where to start.

Tip and tricks appreciated.
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    I think almost everyone here has bought or sold a few things on there. Running a successful business through eBay is something different though. Although I've never done that, you may get more help in this forum..
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    I use terapeak to get ideas. Hard to make money. Lot of competition and the buyers are going to amazon now. Fee bay is full of fees and they do not have a lot to offer us. Traffic to my products is down, and fees are up. Also, they force you to use pay pal and that is a pain. Before you could take a personal check, money orders, bill point or other services. Well, that all went away.

    Fee bay is great for dumping old junk you need to get rid of when cleaning out your garage. I still remember that their old motto which was - turn your trash into cash.

    BTW, good old fee bay puts a hold on my money. They say that this is to eliminate fraud, but you have to wait a bunch of days for your money to appear.
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