The day a coat-hanger made me POOP myself...

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I know you're thinking... "Nath... wtf... a coat-hanger?"

I'll get into it straight away.

3:14am... Was doing some work on my trusty laptop (one and only computer). At the time I also had clothes on coat-hangers on the left side of my bed... I was on the right.

It was so early but I was plowing through my upcoming release so I didn't want to stop.

I went to get a drink of milk... So I placed my laptop next to the clothes... really close to the coat-hangers.

As I came back into my room... put down my milk... and proceeded to put my laptop onto my 'lap', a coat-hanger decided to come with it.


The coat-hanger lodged its end into a USB port and shorted it out. All that work was ruined! Not to mention my underpants .

I came to think... oh my god... what if it cannot be fixed... what if it shorted out the CPU or motherboard... what if my hard drive is farked!

By this time my underpants were almost non existant.

Luckily all that was needed was for the battery to be taken out for a minute... so the memory could be erased and the 'safe switch' would turn off and let me turn the laptop back on.

The worst part is... I hadn't backed up anything from that month. I was also lucky in the way that I lost no work.

I consider myself one of the luckiest warriors as I know sooooo many of you have at one time or another lost a lot of work due to it not being backed up.

U'll be glad to know my computer automatically back's itself up every 24 hours on autopilot.

My schphinkter can now 'release' and I can get back to work... uni study that is


So the moral of this story is that I hate coat-hangers... no no sorry.

The moral of the story is backup every-fricken-thing automatically!

If someone wants to send me over a beer for some new underwear I will greatfully accept hahaha.

Nathan J.
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