SEO Experts: the Dumbest SEO mistakes

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For sure we all make mistakes, specially when we are beginners..

For some well experienced SEO people out there, what are these? just so we can avoid them..

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    1. Trying to target impossibly competitive keywords when you start out.

    Starting with multiple long tail keywords that suggest someone will buy your product is usually the easiest way to get started and to build long term free website traffic.

    If you have 100 pages each ranking on the first page of Google for high quality long tail keyword phrases and each page is bringing in 2-5 visitors a day you have:

    200-500 quality visitors to your site a day.

    If you build that to say 300 pages over a year then you're up to 600-1,500 highly targeted visitors a day.

    You can turn a visitor stream like that into real profits.

    If that sounds hard to you it's just adding one page to your site every day for a year.

    2. Target each page to one long tail keyword phrase.

    Most important of all is to match the title in the browser to the keyword phrase.

    But also be sure the page is filled with genuine useful content related to that keyword phrase too.

    It can help if files and photos on the page have names related to the keyword phrase you're targeting too.

    3. Choose your long tail keyword phrases carefully.

    You want keyword phrases that suggest someone is looking to buy what you have to sell.

    This is much easier now that Google is giving you their search engine results with the Google Adwords External keyword tool.

    There is plenty more but the tips above should help to get the conversation started.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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