Is personal development a profitable niche for affiliate marketing ?

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Hello Warriors,

Do you think personal development / self help is a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?

Has any of you had success with this niche and are there a good amount of digital products (Clickbank or others) to be promoted ?

Thanks for your comments !
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    heck yeah it is. Every marketer in MLM's and Network Marketing are interested in self development.

    If you want good product ideas to promote all you need to do is sort the clickbank marketplace by gravity and look on cb anyalytics.
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    Originally Posted by khassani View Post

    Hello Warriors,

    Do you think personal development / self help is a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?

    Originally Posted by khassani View Post

    Has any of you had success with this niche
    Not one of mine but others very successful...

    Originally Posted by khassani View Post

    and are there a good amount of digital products (Clickbank or others) to be promoted ?
    Now that you could easily find out for yourself, don't be lazy...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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      If you have the balls to possibly lose money, yes.

      'I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'
      -Muhammad Ali

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    I've done a little in this niche, and only found it profitable if promoting a specific mlm or make money online course. I haven't made much in terms of commissions from a personal development product in itself.

    I could be wrong, but this is not a hot buyer's niche. I think this niche works best as a compliment to something else, like list building, IM, MLM, etc. Like any other education niche, the appeal is not as strong to buyer's because it doesn't have the quick/instant results like a weight loss program, wrinkle solution, make money course, etc. People want their most vain needs and embarrassing problems solved now, and not just another book to read on personal development.

    The exception I have seen is the big-ticket guru-style seminars, by guys like Tony Robbins, which do well because of the live interpersonal action and experience. So, maybe if one of these big seminars has an affiliate program you could promote, that might be an idea.
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    look brother , The people these days need self development because they have difficulties and failure in their life ,They always need motivation to suceed and be happy , you play this role , Give your vsitors a HQ Content And I'm Sure That will buy your products

    Good luck
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  • Yes. The self help/development niche is considered an evergreen niche. What makes this niche more interesting is you can create a membership or community-based type of site. You may also create your own product over time.
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    Personal development is a great niche, tons of people are looking to improve their lives these days.

    Make sure to write great quality content and build a personal relationship with your audience and you should start making a good income off this niche.
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  • The self development or personal development niche is very huge. It's very broad, but it is very profitable and a great way to get yourself promoting to people who are really buyers.
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    Self development is a good niche.

    I had success with something similar, a subsconscious mind quick ebook I wrote.
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    Hi K,

    Look around this forum. Look at the people next door. Look at most folks.

    Oh yes, it's profitable

    People are looking to free themselves. You can unlock the bonds, or you can cut the chains. I'd do some affiliate marketing but I'd also create a product or 2. Why? Gets you accustomed to the niche, and helps you see what works, and what does not work, and it'll also inspire you to work on your own personal development, to develop your abundance mentality.

    Check out Steve Pavlina's blog. He's a boss, and he shares some kick butt affiliate products last I checked. In addition to that the man is a skilled coach and writer. He'll help you through any blocks you're experiencing, and he'll also offer you a slew of affiliate product ideas because in addition to his own stuff he sells other coach's products too.

    Onward and upward!

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I do have a blog in the personal development niche that has done pretty well. People always want to know how they can be happier, more successful, and abundant. There are tons of programs you can promote. I offer affiliate products such as subliminal and hypnosis videos.

    What are the 7 things you should know before starting an online business? Visit my blog:

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    I think it can be profitable, if you're willing to make an effort to succeed. Almost all niches can turn out to be profitable, and personal development is, luckily, one of them.
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    Personal development isn't a niche, its just a subject, you would need to drill it down further for it to become a niche....memory improvement or something like that.
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    in this day affiliate market is big then ads. today many blogger is not use adsense or other ads network he/she join affiliate market and earn huge amount example wpbiginner com
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    It definitely is. But I thought it's pretty saturated unless you have a unique point of view or something.

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      Personal Development is more like a Market. It encompasses a large variety of things including weight loss to public speaking to findng a successful career to becoming healthy.

      - Robert Andrew
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    Well maybe you should focus on certain aspect of personal development like motivational speeches or something like that and find a suitable product. There is money everywhere in IM you just need to be focused.
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  • Yes,

    I will say that the 5 most profitable niches are...

    > Internet Marketing
    > Binary/Forex/Trading
    > Self Help/Personal Development
    > Health/Fitness/Weight-Loss
    > Dating/Relationship/

    It's a very profitable niche!

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      Originally Posted by selfdisciplineacademy View Post


      I will say that the 5 most profitable niches are...

      > Internet Marketing
      > Binary/Forex/Trading
      > Self Help/Personal Development
      > Health/Fitness/Weight-Loss
      > Dating/Relationship/

      It's a very profitable niche!
      I agree with those that have said personal development is a profitable niche (vertical). I say vertical because it is a huge market and you will need to narrow it done to on specific topic. I have been working in the areas of psychology for 20 years and without exception every one needs to be engaged with personal development.

      An angle you may try to help narrow things down is thinking of what area in your personal life that personal development is happening or would like to happen, and build around that. The challenge will be to find products to support what you are doing - but I am sure they are out there. I guess you could also develop some yourself. Also your personal involvement also becomes a strong testimony. The best to you efforts.
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    As a matter of fact, the personnel development niche is seen as one of the most
    profitable niche in recent time with the tight competition in the job market.
    This is one of the niche on my radar for 2015.
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      I think that people are always looking for ways to better them self and self help book and or information is the ways to go just have to pick the right niche to work with.
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        This is my market and yes it is profitable. You need to be a person that somebody else will look to for advice, so that you can market your own products or affiliate products.

        Many people try to enter this market with an IM mentality, you can tell when you read their sales pages, lots of MMO "tricks" content locking, "Do you really wnat to leave this page" and lots of *stuff* like that.

        The people who are successful in this field are not necessarily the big names. They kind of got taken over by the big dog IM'ers and many of them are now in the breathless pursuit of the next big thing to market mentality which hastens your trip to the grave.

        Find something you are personally interested in - if you don't, and try to continually promo affiliate products just for the commission, you will burn your list and your reputation, very, very quickly.

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    Well, I can see you have your answer as a positive, "YES" to being profitable.

    If I were you, I would definitely try to narrow my focus into a specific area in the self development niche so that you can quickly establish yourself as an authority on a very specific area. For example, if I need help with my heart, I don't want to see just a general doctor, I want to make an appointment with a cardiologist!!

    Best wishes on success!

    ~ Rhonda White
    Sell Information Products - Five FREE Products ~ Quality PLR Content on SALE ==>> Plus, FREE GRAPHICS & IMAGES! ~ Receive a Free Trip to Heaven! (Money can't buy it!)

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    I have a great idea if you want to dive into the personal development niche and make money.

    If you're heavy into reading personal development books (Tony Robbins,Brendon Burchard.etc) why not setup a site and do book reviews on all the books you've read? There are tons of different ways you can monetize your site,Amazon's affiliate program isn't that lucrative but something is better than nothing.

    If you become the "go to" guy when it comes to book reviews on personal development you could make a name for yourself and have a business you call your own. Be creative and unique (don't become a commodity). How can you separate yourself from all of the other people in the personal development niche?
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    Originally Posted by khassani View Post

    Is personal development a profitable niche for affiliate marketing ?

    It's a profitable market.

    Treat it like a niche and you'll lose as much time and money as you want to lose before you realise you have to find a niche within it.
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    Great niche, poised for even more growth ahead IMHO.
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    Absolutely! Self development is an extremely profitable field--IN GENERAL--that being said, I would suggest narrowing down your niche to a specific category of self development. For starters, are you helping people improve their mind, body, or soul? What specific problems are you addressing and helping people find the solution for? What ways could you offer personal experience from your life lessons? Narrow it down, give value, and be yourself and you'll be just fine swimming in the big waters of self help
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