Can I download creative commons videos on youube to edit them on software?

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I want to ask you:

1. Can I download creative commons videos from YouTube to edit them on external software then re upload them again to my channel?

If the answer is Yes, then...

2. What is the best way to give back credits to the video's creators?

Thanks in advance.
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    Not without special software.

    However, you can easily edit them right in the youtube video editor, and youtube will handle the attributions for you.

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    Depends on the license:

    This will give you a better understanding of what you can/can't do with CC licenses...

    Also here is a site where you can search for content with a CC license...

    CC Search
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    You want to take someone's material and make it your own? I would not do this. Bad idea.

    Why not just create your own unique video? Why do you have to copy someone else?
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      Originally Posted by talfighel View Post

      You want to take someone's material and make it your own? I would not do this. Bad idea.

      Why not just create your own unique video? Why do you have to copy someone else?
      That's what a Creative Commons license is. They are free for anyone to edit and use.
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    asking for permission would be a good thing..
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    i can say please do not do this, because it make u in license issue in near future and your video as well as youtube account will be banned.
    moreover in any case only original content work best, so if you like any video idea you can always inspired by that but please create it your own and upload it, it is so easy stuff to do.
    But yes answer to your question is, you can edit any thing which is virtual and sitting on your harddisk
    Best regards,
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    I mean that I want to take shots from may CC videos and combine them into one video.

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    Seems that no one trully answered seo2ever's question. I have the same problem. I want to do some creative work and need material from CreativeCommons. Youtube editor doesn't have so many options, I want to add voice + background music, and 4D trailer... So I need to download the video to edit it afterwards. The problem is that youtube says that downloading videos from them is illegal and it's legal only if they have the download button incorporated in youtube, which was there some time ago with right-click and pop-up.Now you don't have that option, thus is illegal to do that.
    Returning to the question : What seo2ever asks is if it is legal to download CreativeCommons videos and edit them afterwards? Because in the non-creativecommons videos we already have determined that it is illegal.
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    Creative Commons videos can be used commercially by anyone. You don't have to credit the original creators if you don't want to, but it is highly recommended.

    To download one of these videos, you would have to find it's original video link and use that in whichever software you choose to download the vid with. Editing is the same way, any standard video editor should work.

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    But can you reupload and have no problem after you edit? It's the same thing for youtube, like it's the same thing if you edit on your pc with another software and reupload or in the youtube video editor and create? And if you need to mention something in the description? Because with the video editor, youtube handles it. Thanks.
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    Some Youtube users opt to license their videos using the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY). This means that if you use CC videos from YT, you must give attribution. If you use the YT editor, YT will automatically give attribution for you. If you don't use the YT editor, you must still give attribution.

    It's important to note that just because a video is listed as CC it doesn't mean the person that uploaded the video owned the rights to do so. You must do some due diligence of your own. One example is if you see a video that's a TV show that's listed as CC, it's very likely the uploader didn't have the rights to the video.

    YT can and will give copyright strikes if you don't have the legal rights to use the video, even if it was marked as CC. If you get any copyright notices on a CC video, do not fight it. Instead, just delete the video as fast as you can.

    As far as making "original" videos, I suggest you mash up multiple CC videos. Select just the best parts of the videos and add them together to make a single unique video. If you do a good job, you are doing viewers a favor as well as creating unique videos that have a better chance of ranking than if you just copied a CC video. YT actually encourages this.

    You can (and probably should) also add your own intros and outro/end slides to get people to click a link or to subscribe to your channel, etc.

    Also, as you find great CC videos add them to your own channel and/or embed your versions on your own site. Then send links and direct social traffic to the CC videos on your own YT channels and pages.
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      Kurt, thanks for chiming in.

      Until you did, I found myself mentally repeating "so much ignorance, so little time..."
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  • You are allowed to use the CC videos, and edit them. Matter of fact, you are required to edit them some. If you were to simply download one and upload it to your channel without editing, then YouTube has a way of detecting this and will simply not allow it to your channel. Once you make some kind of edits, YouTube will allow it. I know this from experience. Just know the CC license will also apply to your new version of what you have done..
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    No, that will be considered duplicate content in the eyes of Youtube. You can however edit them on Youtube which will be find. But, you can't download from youtube, edit them and reupload them.

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    I have put a bunch of 4K videos on you tube that people are free to use. They say - free to use creative commons. Actually, this is to help amateur film makers who do not have a lot of money. Most commercial 4K video clips are expensive. Also, there are a lot of restrictions as to their use. Please remember that 4KCC is a super resource. I am asking for more warriors to contribute clips to you tube that are ultra high res. Thank you warriors.
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    Yes, You can defiantly do this but you can not earn money by this idea for copyright problem. Also this is bad idea. If you seriously want to make money from you tube, then make unique video. For idea , ask
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