What is the best way to build backlinks to Youtube videos

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Yeah I know I could pay for a gig at fiverr, but say I want do build a few backlinks to a video myself. Can I just bookmark the video url itself with a short blurb or should I first make a spinnable article, and create a linkwheel with that? There is plenty of material on how to rank a video, but not so much on the backlinking specific to videos.
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    Hmm.. social bookmarking would be the best thing you can do and most probably the first step, though just don't over-do it. On the other hand, I don't think linkwheel will be effective.
    But you can use this article as a reference, Video SEO Linking Strategies - How to build links to your videos

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    Focus on google+ shares to rank YT videos on yt search and also on google search.
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  • Try this:

    Create another YouTube video (doesn't have to be good or anything)
    Take the video you're trying to rank and put the link in your NEW Video's description
    And then do it again over and over again in more video if you want more backlinks.

    Of course, there are always other things you could do, but it sure does give it that extra link juice.

    It's not the end all be all technique, but it works, and that's all that matters.
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    I'd suggest you start by using social media more often. It should work.
    I also find internetmarketer1's idea interesting, that is if you're not already doing it
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    I rank videos all the time I have ranked videos in under 57 minutes. I use 100 web 2.0 videos embeds them use a massive contextual wiki blast to send them straight to page 1 all the time.

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    Social Media and blogs can be helpful.
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    I am trying this method at the moment:

    Go to addMeFast.com , Sign up, add 1 site and have it be a tweet with your video URL in it...

    Then get points so more people tweet your URL on twitter...
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    I have some channels on youtube. Most of the time I have been using the Social media service. After publishing a video, I share the link on various social media sites. I think it is one of the good way to spread your videos. Thanks a lot.
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      You can share your video links to other social media/social bookmarking sites. You can use the video in your web 2.0 blog post. Besides that you can use your video link in blog comments.
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    Upload video & put your site url in text box.
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      I suggest you join the private High Voltage Video Forum right here. It's run by Kurt Melvin who really knows what he's talking about. At the moment one of the main posts concerns ranking YouTube videos and Kurt provides some excellent, very detailed advice. Interestingly, none of his methods have been mentioned in the responses above
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