Is it legal to promote my blog through chatting?

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One friend of mine me that if i want to earn maximum income from adsense,than i should promote my blog also through chatting on yahoo or any other community like this..

i need your precious advice that whether
""Is it legal to promote my blog through chatting?"

thanks in advance........
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    Each of the sites you chat on will have terms and conditions. Take a look in there.

    One thing that will almost certainly be "legal" is where you link to your blog in context. For example, if somebody asks about X, and you have an article about X on your blog, you can link directly to the article as part of the discussion.

    Always be sure to mention why you're making the link, so it's clear you're providing a service rather than spamming.

    66 ways to get links (and traffic) to your site.

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    In my opinion it is legal,but you need to pay attention that you don't start spamming.
    There is nothing wrong by letting people know about your blog.
    But again this is what I think,don't shoot me if i'm wrong

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    I used to get traffic to my site by using my website and a call to action as my username. Each time I appeared online to my contacts they could see it. I would get messages from people about my site or offer also.

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    I dont think you can go to prison for promoting your blog, but dont mention the adsense ads.

    Have A Good Day

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    I don't think so. But it depends on where you're chatting isn't it. If the platform on which you're chatting has rules about that, then it's wrong then. If not then, I see nothing wrong. Unless of course you are bugging people through spamming. At the end of the day, if your promotion is within reason and does not bug the hell out of reasonable people, then go wild.
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