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    Originally Posted by Epic Stephen View Post

    I like the Domain 1 example because it's very short, very brandable, straight to the point, and I know that Google and search engines in general don't care about having a keyword in the domain name anymore, and that the new tld's are treated the same as a .com
    Disclaimer: personally, I hate anything to do with SEO.

    But I picked out the relevant paragraph in your post which seems to signal a particular type of answer: and that answer seems to be based on a preference rather than a technical requirement.

    It's an opinion thing.

    Personally, I prefer .coms over everything else, simply because, regardless of what Google or the SEO gods might think, the common person still thinks of .com as being higher up in the internet ether.

    And if you get the .com then you know that any other site that comes along with the same name, probably came along after you.

    A lot of searchers, knowing the site they want, will type the site into the search box. They'll type 'whateverdomain' plus 'com' or something. A lot of people may not remember that your site is a 'dot photography' and damn is that a long word to type, and mispell.

    A lot of people, even now, don't realise that dotphotography, dotlimited, dothowsyourfather and dotblah are all legitimate domain extensions.

    Not to say they don't work. But it's a consideration.

    And since you're asking for an opinion, which is simply a personal preference, I'd say my personal preference is for dot com, regardless of just about anything else.

    Why don't you decide?

    At least that way you know you'll get it right.
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    Definitely go with the full domain name.
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    Definitely the dot com #2.

    Most people don't even recognize the dot photography as a domain extension.

    Send that to the average person and they won't recognize as a url.
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    The dot com always wins
    Domain #2:

    my reasoning in this case is this: Bearing in mind the average user knows zilch about TLD's
    if a user sees daily.photograpy they may assume the .com is missing from the end and add it on which may 404 or go to somewhere else.

    There might be exceptions but the dot com usually trumps everything from a user standpoint.

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      Same for me. I would go for
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    I must admit works for . I think it explains what the blogs about and what information to expect on it.
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    As much as I adore No. 1, I agree that No. 2 makes more sense, traffic-wise. Cute domains only work if people are already desperate to find you, and that usually only works if you're a celebrity. Who knows, maybe your photos will become so popular, you can do the first one later on, and still get tons of traffic! :-)

    Let's make some awesomeness happen!
    Looking for Excellent PLR at great prices?

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    Originally Posted by Epic Stephen View Post

    Hello warriors,

    I will keep this short. So I want to start a new blog/authority site on a specific niche. I will be posting articles, tips, tutorials, will create video tutorials too, maybe a forum attached and an app + email newsletter. I will be doing social media with advertising on them such as facebook boosted posts, etc. I will also do some SEO, and try to gather as many signups as possible for the newsletter.

    I cant disclose the niche or the exact domains however, it's very similar to this:

    Domain #1: daily.photograpy

    Domain #2:

    I already own a similar domain like the domain #1 ( you see above, and I'm thinking if I should go ahead and buy a regular .com even tho is longer in length.

    I like the Domain 1 example because it's very short, very brandable, straight to the point, and I know that Google and search engines in general don't care about having a keyword in the domain name anymore, and that the new tld's are treated the same as a .com

    With that being said, please let me now what would you chose. You can go ahead and simply say #1, or #2, and I will know what you mean

    Thanks a lot in advance,
    I always go for the .com

    Also if you have a keyword in you're domain name it will make for a better time ranking under that keyword for a page/post. I wouldn't get to hung up on it though.
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    Thank you guys so much for all your replies. Just a side note again: the .photography isn't really the real one that I have and its not nearly long enough. But you've all made some valid points, and some of you even said some stuff that I've been thinking about too like (people not knowing that .something is a legit domain address, or that they might put a .com after).

    Even tho I really love this domain name since its basically: keyword.keyword, I think I will either let it go or I would use it as a short url / redirect thing to the big domain name once I brainstorm and come up with an idea for a .com

    Thank you all once again, it's been really helpful.

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    I always go with .com. I just think people are conditioned for it and its a finger reflex for them. Without thinking their fingers on the keyboard type out . c o m at the end of a url.

    Plus Apple mobile devices have a ".COM" button on their url keyboard, they don't offer have any other extension. That just shows the power of .com.
    If my back was against the wall maybe I'd go for .net/.co/.org but .com is always first choice with me.
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    #2 , go for it ..
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    Skype: nirali.adattract
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    I'll go for #2. .photography extension is not yet well known. And non technical user might think that you are missing a ".com" behind and type in instead of your domain. It will take time for the ordinary users to grasp the not common domain extensions in my opinion.
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      Go with #2, keep #1 redirected to #2, market with #2. This will give you options down the road should the world become accustomed to these new gTLDs.

      Just my 2 stops...
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    Yep the dot com is the obvious one to choose.

    I'll give you some recent experience of mine though with the new domain extensions:

    A client that I built a website for 18 months ago wanted to shorten it up. It was something like he wanted his company initials ie. a 3 letter domain name which as we all know were bought up years ago for tld's.

    So I found out that was available and as he's in the home improvement niche, it was a fit. I have no idea why the domain name costs $50 a year, but he was happy to go for it.

    Registered the domain, cloned his site to it and 301'd his old site.

    It took 2 months, but ALL of his rankings improved:

    Page 2 to page 1
    Rank 3 to rank 1

    For numerous keywords

    And that's without any other promo or link building - I checked.

    Could be random, or it may just be that the $50 a year price tag makes the domain more trusted.

    I'm not sure - I just see the results

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    #2 would definitely be the better choice for attracting visiors as they are usually more familiar with the term .com
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    Thank you guys again for your opinions and input, it's been really helpful. I will go for the #2 as that's what I thought I should do in the first place too. I will have to decide what to do with #1 tho, either redirecting it or selling it, I'll see later.

    Thanks again and regards,
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    I personally prefer the domain #2. It sounds better, looks more professional and is more appropriate especially if you’re really going to provide daily tips for budding photographers. Domain#1 is a bit confusing and you would end up confusing your visitor on what your website is about.
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    I would never buy or use one of those new extensions. The .com is a far better option, even if a bit longer.
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    It makes you think really, why so many of these new extensions are being bought and specially why companies such as Google and Donuts invested so much money into them.

    I must agree that I haven't really seen any big websites using the new domain names, and most of the people just buy them for their portfolio.

    But from what I've gathered from all these replies + other info from the internet it seems that sticking with the .com or even .net or .org is still better than the new tlds. I guess there is nothing else to do then let them all expire in my account now

    Thanks again guys for all your replies much appreciated.
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      As others have suggested, pick a dot com and nothing else (not a dot net or dot org) if your site is going to be selling anything. Com is short for "commercial" and that's what your want and what most people recognize.

      You know, you can have a great and short dot com name in your market. Use the tools at Impossibility and Lean Domain Search. Pick your top keyword term, enter it into the search box, and you will be given many usable short domain names with a dot com extension that you can register.

      Just be a little patient and creative and you will find a short dot com name that will be perfect for your business.

      The best to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Daily Photography Tips dot com is the great domain you have and the blog is the best way to make it popular.

    Dot com only works than other TLDs, so many people buy other TLDs too, but they can't develop as the com domain was developed.

    If you go with the com domain then you had more rights to develop anything as you wish.
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    Number two sounds, looks and registers better IMO.
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    I like the second as well.
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    Number two all the way. Choosing the first domain will lead you to an unknown territory so unless you are prepared to take a risk avoid it.
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