Millennials in a Minute

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Corporate spokespersons: Think Taylor Swift for Keds, or Luke Bryan for Cabela's - frankly, we're more likely to follow these celebrities or stay up-to-date on their lives (and the products or services they're using) than we are to look into your brand without their prompting. Their social media is an asset to you. Use it.

That little logo: Quite frankly, if you want us to pay any high-dollar amount for your product, you've got to make it worth our while down the line. And that means that people should know we had the money to spend on it - think Northface anything, Nike shoes, a Black Card. If we're buying prestige, you need to show prestige.

Get visual: Quite frankly, we're never going to read anything you have to say until you catch our eye. We do like information, and we'll seek it out, but only after we've decided you might actually have something to say in the first place. A great visual is the way to convey that.
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    ...and your point is?
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    Millennials are certainly changing the way we market everything. I feel a little old sometimes just thinking about it!

    Let's make some awesomeness happen!
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    Millennials in a Minute


    Lost children.

    Fantasy filled, devoid of reality, lost children. And yes, I recognize mellenials as anyone who graduated high school after 2000.
    Some cause-oriented hackers recently hacked one of my websites. So I researched what they're about and then donated a large sum of money to the entity they hate the most.

    The next time they hack one of my websites I'm going to donate DOUBLE.
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