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Would it be possible to create an adult dating site without any knowledge on building site and little money? I am really interested in dating a site to earn money but also in terms of helping other people.

I have no knowledge in building site but have a potential big ideals that I want to implement.
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    If you don't have any knowledge of HTML or CSS you can start by buying a domain and hosting then using wordpress to create your site, but i would recommend you learn HTLM and CSS on your spare time to fully take control.
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    I don't agree. There are thousands of dating site scripts you can use, even adult dating.

    Google for "dating script" and I promise you'll find hundreds if not thousands of them. If you're after a blog and not a dating script, you can install Wordpress with one click in your hosting control panel, Google for "free Wordpress dating theme" and you'll get on the same track.

    Hope that helps...
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    If you go to White Label and Private Label Dating Platform | DatingFactory.com (not an affiliate link) and take a look around you'll see how easy it is to build any sort of dating site.

    PM me if you need any more info.

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    I making adult 17 yeras, and say NO .... little money for sure NO.
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    But that doesn't mean you can't acquire the necessary knowledge, finances, and experience.

    There are 3 sets of people who end up making great adult dating sites:

    1. Financial Backers;
    2. Web Developers;
    3. Seasoned Affiliate Marketers.

    If I could buy shares in one such site, I'd choose the one made by the seasoned affiliate marketer. They usually make the perfect dating site. In my experience, dating affiliates are among the industry elite. Lots of reasons as to why. One such reason: They tend to concentrate on the one thing. Dating. Makes you very good at what you do. Very. Over the years I've been on the inside of dating sites (big ones) and outside (affiliate). You want my advice: learn how to promote a dating site before owning one. Ignore that, you'll almost certainly fail.


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    All dating sites are adult, I would hope. I own one via dating factory (see above) I joined it to see what happens re. promo and it's slick. It makes zero income however. As far as I can tell, you need to suss out paid ads to drive converting traffic that returns a positive roi - maybe doubling your ad spend when you're successful. Very lucrative but competitive market

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    Sure, its very easy. Hook up with a reputable White Label Dating Service and they will help you get going. I would stay away from dating scripts until you know what you are doing, or you can hire a web dev to code out the site for you. As far as working with a private label service all you really need is a landing page, and you can get one coded and designed cheaply,
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    Originally Posted by Knightsofusa View Post

    Would it be possible to create an adult dating site without any knowledge on building site and little money?
    Not really.. it would be difficult!
    Either you need to start learning about dating sites scripts (someone here suggested you google for them, you should do that and when you find one you like, try learning about it) OR you could pay someone to set the website up for you. But with little money, I doubt you'll get a good service.
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    I am no agree to create adult site. its harmful for little someone. you may create but with restricted. Only for some one.
    U can create like bellow.
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    If you have a passion for something or just want to make a difference you will find a way. You can make free websites these days or blogs for free to get you started and then keep sharing them on facebook and linked....you have to summon your audience. If you want to know how to do something then use your own experiences to draw from and be real...people connect with that.....then seek information to find stuff out.....you can also outsource with fiverr.com for extra help....

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    You can use wordpress or php script on codecanyon it's very easy.
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    outsource it
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    check out this forum, its for adult webmasters

    gfy . com

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    the competition is too high... ur web must be unique and attractive other wise very hard for u to survive
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    I used to have a dating site, but just didn't have time to market it. But I still have the excellent domain name available for sale, Ameridate.com -- if you google it, you'll see that it is still ranked. (Contact me if you're interested in this domain name.) I can also give you the link to the company who supplied the software and support for the site, hosting was only $30 a month when I had it. If marketed properly, a dating site can make you an absolute fortune. See if you can find the report CNBC did on dating sites last year. More people are using these sites every year. from westgold
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    I'm Looking for Direct Adult campaigns on CPA .. Pm me or skype me !
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