Domain help! Need keypoints for sales letter.

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I have a domain with .co TLD. The domain is tech related and I have already made a list of companies in such business. There presence sucks in Google. Although my domain is not .com, but when I see from a company perspective .co still is good tld and my domain has got good one word keyword which can bring attention of companies.

Inorder to make a good impact in sales letter, can you please let me what are the key points should I include? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Keep it precise and use you/your a lot to show them that they will benefit from what you are selling.
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    Skypreet, you're going to struggle selling a .co. Not wishing to discourage you; only save you time and effort that could be diverted into something with a more prosperous outlook. Next time you try this, grab yourself a .com. As far as your sales letter goes, I could talk all day. I'm sure others will chip in with great advice, so I'll just throw the first tip your way: personalize your email to that contact (don't send the same stock email to everyone). Use their names, mention details about their site (if they have one). Personalize. I hope you sell it. If not, at least it'll be a great learning experience. Best of luck, buddy!


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    Agree with Tom. I'll go a bit further and say .CO sucks for a business site. For the most part, the reason people register .CO domains is because the .COM is taken. It's a second-rate choice. And, the general public will type .COM rather than .CO, so the .COM owner will get a good percentage of the traffic. Very bad choice for business.

    As for the salesletter, Tom's advice is spot on, and I'll add this. Your subject line must create curiosity, or many recipients will ignore it. Business people are busy and can smell a sales pitch a mile away. Making them open the email is half the battle.
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    Thanks so much Tom and Gene I would definitely hunt for a good .COM domain next time. For now, I would try my best to sell it. I will keep this thread bookmarked and will update it if I am able to sell it...Well it has one year time BTW.
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    I've only ever sold one .co domain (I've only ever owned one, too). The problem is that most companies and their customers are so used to .com that .co may mean they lose a lot of traffic. Overstock changed to briefly, and lost a huge portion of their traffic to
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