How I can know the orginal creator of CC YouTube video?

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I want to ask you:

How I can know the orginal creator of Creative Commons YouTube video?

Because anyone can take a copyrighted video and assign it as creative commons and it's not!

And if I edited this video from the channed that asssign it as CC video, I will face a copyrighted issues!

Any suggestions?
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    I think this video is not helpful,with this we still can not guess who is the original creator
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    You would not face copyright legal issues because YouTube is providing the videos to you under the CC license.

    It may be possible to have a video taken down if YouTube has provided copyright material that is subsequently removed from their CC list. I don't know if this happens.

    But that shouldn't put your account at risk or anything.
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    You cannot take a copyright video and put cc on it, You tube will find it with similar video function.
    But you an take a cc video edit some portion or add some and you can make it unique. This shouldn't have any problem.

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