OMG!! - I just did it.....

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After months of debate, months of zig-zagging, CRAZY thoughts racing through my mind, I did it.

I quit my job.

I can't begin to tell you how freeing it feels. The realization that I now control my own destiny just hit me in the face like a ton of steel bricks. BAM!

What is this mysterious, salty liquid forming in my eyes? Yes, that's how good I feel!

The weights of old school tradition just fell off of my shoulders in one click of a "send" button, and I'm seriously ready to conquer the world!

I just had to share my news with like-minded people who can understand my immeasurable excitement right now.

Most of all, I owe a lot of this decision to the priceless information and strategy I've consumed here on WF for the last few years. You all have definitely helped make this possible.

Cheers, to the future!

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    Good for you!! Congratulations! Did you quit because your now making money from your marketing efforts or just quit?

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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      Originally Posted by Scott Ames View Post

      Good for you!! Congratulations! Did you quit because your now making money from your marketing efforts or just quit?
      Thanks Scott!

      Yes, absolutely! I'm more of the service provider type (content, offline, seo, etc...). I reached that obvious tipping point where the math started to add up in my favor (my time is A LOT more valuable with me being the boss!) and the decision had to be made.
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    Congrats! It's nice to know your not getting up everyday to make someone else rich.
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    I can relate. As I neared the end of my 2 week notice at my last job, my boss commented on how happy I had looked over the past 2 weeks. I know that it felt like a weight had been lifted and nothing bothered me. I didn't know that it showed, but I guess it did.
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    Congratulations! I know that must have been a big decision to make. Most people are programmed out of fear of the unknown to keep some security in their lives and that usually is in the form of a J.O.B

    Welcome to having to work harder than you ever had to for someone else, but we do have cool-aid
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    Well done, you wont regret it!
    Working for yourself is the best freedom you can have. No more slave to make someone else rich.
    Now make the most of your new found time
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    Best of luck mate, that takes a lot of brass balls. Hope it all works out for ya.
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  • Good stuff man, thanks for the good news. Now go out and kill it!
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    Congrats and good luck to you! I wish I would be there some day, I'm not brave enough to fire my boss yet
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    Congratulations! The day I threw in the towel on my last, and I mean by that my final, J.O.B. was one of the best days ever. I'll never go back, and neither will you!

    Now that you've broken that shackle, no power on earth can ever put it back on you again.
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    Makin Power Moves. Thats what I like to see. Good luck
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    Good for you, I got laid off so it was not my choice, but I was so happy when I got my walking papers. I went out and celebrated my new life, got up the next day and stayed behind the computer from sun up to sundown and I am making it.
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      I've been self-employed for 15 years and I would never go back to being employed. The big difference? When you are employed you have to contend with company politics and people simply "expecting" you to do your work.

      When you are self-employed your clients truly appreciate what you do for them and you are always treated with respect.

      If you are ill (I have ME) your clients will wait til you're better. If you're employed you simply get sacked.

      Go for it - you won't regret it.

      (I think there was a thread a few days ago about someone feeling lonely. I only know that I've met far more people since I became self-employed than I would ever have met if I was employed. Be nice to your clients and they will repay you many times over.)
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    Good luck! I certainly hope I'll be able to write a post like that someday...
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    Good for you! So happy you're able to cut through those reigns. Good luck for the future!

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    Available for Fixed Fee Projects and Hourly ($40/hr)
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    Congratulations! thats good to hear!!!!
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    If that's so huge a relief, then you definitely had to do that, so congrats

    Inertia is a dangerous thing, you know - it slightly, gently entangles you until you realize you can't breathe.

    Taking the plunge is worth it
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    Excellent congrats BFMedia!

    I envy you. As I've been zig zagging for two years.

    My corporate job pays too well... much more than I can currently generate in my side biz (and I can generate sizable sums every so often).

    I need a breakthrough. If you've any advice I would love to hear it.
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    Congrats, you won't want to go and work for anyone else again beleive me!
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    Congrats! I can only imagine how awesome that must feel! I hope to be there someday, too, but with only 9 years till I retire it seems pretty silly for me to leave now.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Great. My last corporate job was not a voluntary separation, but I have never look back. I will never work for anybody other than myself again. Good luck in your future endeavor.
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    well done, it's awesome being in control, now remember Today matters!!!
    Dont start with Social Media! There's a reason it's FREE.... The BackBone Project
    Real Marketing Genius for Real Business Owners!
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    That is sooo exciting! Congrats!!!!!
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    Congrats! I wish you nothing but luck in your journey... just remember that your destiny is in YOUR hands... so get off of those hands and go and MAKE SOME MONEY!!


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    Congratulations, and the very best of luck to you!!!
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    Well done! A large percentage of people don't get to quit their job or even have the guts to quit. Just keep focused and you'll prosper.
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    Congratulations! Someday it'll be me posting like this!
    Sign up to be notified when Success on Demand goes live, and receive a FREE mindmap that you can follow to create and launch your OWN IM PRODUCTS!
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  • Profile picture of the author Robert T Jillie
    It's a big step, I know, but you will find it so rewarding!
    You will never want to go back to working for someone else again either!

    Wishing you unlimited success!
    Never Give Up, Be Confident In What You Do.

    There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face
    will make you more determined to achieve your objectives
    and to win against all the odds.
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    You all are the BEST! I must've ran out of thank-you' But know that I thank all of you for your extremely kind words and encouragement!!!
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    Congratulations!!! My husband and I are both self employed now, and I would be interested to see if you are getting some of the same reactions that we are. People are either very excited, or they look at us with pity, and say things like, "I'm sure you'll be able to find another job soon."

    People seem to be pretty black and white on the subject, not much in between.

    Personally, even though the cash flow can be a little hit and miss right now, I am so glad my husband is home now. Our kids love it, I love it, and it has made us a true team working together, more so than any other event in our 16 years of marriage has.

    So I am very excited for you. Soon, you will be completely un-employable, because once you get a taste of freedom, you can never go back to being chained to a J.O.B.
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      Way to go....that has to be the absolute best feeling and to feel alive again!
      And, of course, ain't it great to have such a great group of people here at WF to share it with!
      There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don’t.
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    Congratulations! There is no looking back now. Be prepared for jealous friends and family wondering how the heck you did it!
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    Congratulations! I'm glad you made it!
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