My easiest affiliate sale, it took me a few minutes work

by Bev Clement 7 replies
And quite a long time to get the sale, but I woke today to an email telling me I had made a sale. I look at the email and think scam/spam what is going on here.

It seems that quite awhile ago I signed up for a site, which I did nothing with because, well it was too long ago to know why. I can't even remember what I signed up for, and haven't had time today to check.

So this morning I get an email telling me I have made a sale. Yes, I went to clickbank typing in the URL and there was the sale.

That might have taken a long time to get the sale, but remember it took me just a few minutes to sign up, and then do nothing. And I mean nothing.

Seems like I need to check the site out to see what is there

But 50% commission is nice.

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