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I am considering having a web page rewritten. Does Fiverr have quality rewriters? How do I find a rewriter who is fluent in English, and preferably has general business sense. (The web page is a business site.) Knowing how Americans phrase their words would be beneficial. Of course, I could hire an American, just looking for best bang for the buck and thought a foreign writer might be cheaper. I expect I will likely have to edit the work so it flows with the way I want it presented.

I am also open to other sources. Thanks for comments.
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    Instead of going this route, why not just pay people to write unique content? This will certainly help you more in the long term (and probably short term as well)
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      I foreign writer might be cheaper but you might have to make some edits.

      Ask for some samples to check the quality of their writing.

      This way you can find someone that you like their style of writing.

      Niles Miller

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    I have used Fiverr a lot.

    Here is what I can tell you.

    Look up the words "CopyScape" on Fiverr.

    Let's take this gig for an example.

    Whenever someone says "copysafe". What they are really telling you is that they are using software to "rewrite" previous articles. This piece of software makes the new article plagiarism free. Well, at least it's their claims.

    Not too many people on Fiverr are writing content from scratch.
    There isn't a easy way to make money that way.

    My suggestion is to do what I do.

    If I get someone to write something for me on Fiverr.
    I tend to rewrite at least 40% of it myself.

    I just use them as a guide.

    In my opinion. Writing needs your own personal say in it as well.

    Just my two cents.

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    Hi Mate,.
    If you are looking for a good fiverr article writer then you can search for "jamesperez" user in fiverr.
    The Guy is good for artcile writing.
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    Why not try some of the writers in this forum?

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    Give some love to the WF writers. I think the majority of them will sit down and bang out the damn thing, old school style
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