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I've been doing videos for a long time and most of clients come from Fiverr and referrals. I'm looking to make it more automated. I know how to build sales funnels using ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, and just about any other tool. The tech and the messaging isn't a problem.

The problem is I don't know who or how to target the offline market correctly. Let's say I wanted to do videos for dentists, how would I go about that from a targeting standpoint. I know a little bit about FB ads so I understand that could be a tactic. What I'm really looking for is an overall strategy.

Going to FB and targeting interests for dentists might work. But I'm thinking that anyone who is a dentist themselves might not be the right person to target. Maybe they are though. I don't know.

Who is currently picking up offline clients with ease? What are they doing? How do I get in touch with them?
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    I've personally never done offline selling, but I know many people who have. Most of them cold call and cold email leads they get from scraping business directories.

    Are you any good on the phone? Cold calling dentists and explaining the importance of video to them might be the best way to go.
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    If that's the tactic, then it could work. It's just that I wouldn't waste my time and energy doing it myself. If your people grab offline clients in that way, I'm pretty sure some of them (if not most of them) hired people to do that kind of gruntwork for them. I'd be open to learning how to hire someone to do it, but I wouldn't do it myself.

    I'm familiar with that tactic and if it's working, I'd like to know more. But I want to make sure that whatever I'm learning will show me how to HIRE someone to do it and not have me doing it myself.

    It would also be great to know if anyone is actually doing it online as opposed to emailing and calling. I'd prefer to do it that way but don't know how well it works.
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  • I have a good friend who has sold video to countless businessmen, including dentists. He basically finds clients who want to get video done of their facility, so he heads to their business (he makes sure they love nearby his area) and he takes video of their facility.

    He doesn't do anything special in terms of how he lands his clients except to email them with samples and letting them know how he could help with their marketing. And how a video could help enhance their website. He also gives them advice and help on promoting the video via YouTube ads.

    It's a pretty simplistic method that really just involves hitting up as many businesses as possible. What kind of videos do you plan on offering? Of their facility?
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    I'm not a "footage" guy myself. I actually do VSLs with PowerPoint and Camtasia. I've dabbled with easyVSL too. Should've been more specific. Sorry about that.
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