Same Website for multiple topics in the same niche?

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Hey all

Just looking for some advice..

I'm planning on starting in starting a website in the health niche that will have multiple topics pertaining to different health conditions. Should I make one website that would encompass all the different conditions/topics or make separate websites for the different topics/ conditions?

Any ideas or suggestions?
Pros/cons of both ideas?

Thanks much people!!!
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    Just look at WebMD or Oprah's website, they both have massive libraries, categorized, and targeted at multiple health related issues. If you can get quality traffic/readers built up, then build a list, and market to specific 'categories' (ex: sleep apnea, acne, carpal tunnel, etc...) and target them independently with differing list offerings more relative to their specific issue or problem.

    So, if you plan on having an authority site, go with that example.

    If your just pushing a six-pack-abs product for now, then make it a specific website/blog about abs, and relative stuff.
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    The pro of having all on one site is that you'll be more visible overall. The pro of doing multiple sites is that it will be easier to rank for each condition since that's all you will talk about on every page. The pro is negated, however, if you time is divided between many sites and you're not making frequent updates.

    Personally, I'd keep everything on one site. There's no drawback to it.

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    You should keep everything on one site, because if your topics are interesting people may want to read the rest.

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    Thanks for the advice friends!!

    I think it would be best to keep all content on one site. I'm going to start to look at similar sites and try to "reverse engineer" them and put my own spin on them.

    Any other suggestions or advice more than welcome
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    I would stick with one niche so you can build yourself up as an authority in the feild. If you go with 2 many sub niches you take away from your authority in a specific field. I would establish myself in one feild and scale up from their before moving to other sub niches.
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    All good answers. I've done it both ways and both have their advantages. Managing several websites, as opposed to just one, can be a pain but it can pay off if the traffic really comes relative to that specific search term. I have about 10 websites right now that are really drawing a lot of traffic based on the keyword phrase being in the domain. That said, I wouldn't waste my time doing it unless you've determined that the average visitation is high. Otherwise, just keep it all in one site and stay focused. If it's well put together, optimized and maintained, the traffic will come regardless.

    By the way, Google Adwords has a tool that determines avg monthly traffic for search phrases.
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    Originally Posted by izzyand87 View Post

    Should I make one website that would encompass all the different conditions/topics or make separate websites for the different topics/ conditions?

    I have a differing opinion than most of those expressed so far.

    Why cover a bunch of random and unrelated topics in one web site?

    IMO, it makes no sense unless you're going to create something like WebMD where the purpose of the site is to be a portal, a gateway or umbrella for everything within the market.

    Let's say you're going to cover headache pain, tennis elbow, acid reflux, carpal tunnel syndrome, and in-grown toenails. So what do all these have in common? Almost nothing nothing except that you'd find them all in site like WebMD that tries to cover everything in a large market.

    It makes no sense to me to try to be a web portal unless you set specific parameters on your niche and stick with whatever it is that fits those parameters. Usually that will be a easy identifiable corner of the market.

    I believe it's to your advantage to keep web sites on target - focused - to keep everyone who would have an interest in the site within the same audience. By doing that, your marketing appeals to 100% of your audience. . . which is a wonderful thing!

    So what are the chances that someone who wants to overcome headache pain also wants a solution for in-grown toenails? The probability is extremely tiny. That's why I say they don't belong in the same web site (unless you plan to be the portal like WebMD) because they are not the same audience.

    My feeling is . . . keep your audience (the prospects you want at your web site) pure . . . that is, keep them all hungering for the exact same thing. Then when you put an offer in front of them, it is relevant to everyone.

    Don't throw 2 or 7 or 15 different audiences together at one web site. You will lose your focus and you're bound to have prospects that are going to leave because most of what you offer is not of interest to them.

    It's all about the customer and what is best for him. Sometimes webmasters only consider what is easiest or best for their own selves . . . in my book that's a huge mistake.


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    I'd say one website is a better choice because taking care of more websites at once can turn out to be exhausting. Unless you have a team of people who will do this for you, try sticking to one website only.
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      It can be done....but,

      ...unless you have a huge budget for writing and posting 5-10 articles a day, I would NEVER try to build one large site with different topics in the same niche.

      If you do, you will probably have a very difficult time ranking in all three search engines for a long time, maybe years!

      Google especially, will give preference in the rankings to major and established sites with high page rank over any other website. Some of your pages will eventually get a trickle of traffic, but that's about all!

      It's better to focus on one niche at a time because search engines will be able to pinpoint your relevancy WAY quicker.

      In the health niche, just about any niche topic (sub-niche) requires 25 to 50 articles to cover it; this is more than enough to build a great website with a good following. The search engines will reward you, too, because you'll be providing focused content that their algorithms will eat up and spit out all over the top of their search engines.

      You've got a tough decision.

      If you are in it for the long haul (many years to start ranking well), then it's worth it.
      If you want traffic sometime within this year and in the next, focus on smaller niche sites.
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