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Is it a good idea to set up a optimized PLR website with the sales page and everything if you have the traffic?

Does anyone make decent cashflow with their PLR based websites? Are they any regulations or things to watch out for?

Please let me know!!

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    I write for PLR entrepreneurs and YES, they make money. Just judging from the repeat orders, I am confident they make quite a bit. They wouldn't be spending all that cash if they weren't making any money.

    The great thing about PLR is it is PASSIVE INCOME-invest once, make money many times over.

    The secret? The key is to get a list going first so you can dripfeed your PLR offerings to your list.
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    Originally Posted by RobertHungry View Post

    Is it a good idea to set up a optimized PLR website with the sales page and everything if you have the traffic?

    Yes, of course, every business should have a web site so prospects and customers can find them. Just make sure yours is original and unique, something that no one else has . . . then you will stand out and not be compared to the thousands of other PLR sites out there.


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    I have personally tried PLR with huge success right off the bat... Best of luck
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    Sounds like it still all boils down to marketing. Sure, you can create a PLR site.

    Whether it makes money will depend on how you market it!
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    PLR is a shortcut to creating a new product or starting up a new site.
    Just bear in mind, that it's not unique to begin with since it's also sold to quite a few hundred others.
    So customize it and make it unique where possible, then you will get much better results.
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    One of my first sales came from a plr product. Key is you want need to be certain its of quality. There is a lot of good stuff out there that people created. It can be in the form of a digital download or a software program;...

    Go through and understand your plr first and once you have something you like and are comfortable with its much easier for you to market because you will have a better understanding of who the product is for plus to help answer questions.

    It's also a great way to share content and keep your list active with your email sequence. Again just take the time to go through it and make sure your audience can benefit from it.

    In the end its just helping to take care of one anothers needs...
    Working to achieve higher results...
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