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Hi folks,

I've just written a blog post for an upcoming website of mine (the psychology of online marketing and how to stay successful is the concept of the blog basically).

The article is called "21 ways of staying successful online like the pro's".

Now I've just been writing and writing on the Wordpress editor, not really keeping too much track of the word count. But now that I finished I noticed that it's 5,500 words, it's like a mini eBook for heavens sake!

So I was wondering, should I keep it as like an epic blog post or should I convert it into a sell-able eBook for like $10 or something?

Would you personally read such an article that's 5,500 words long?

There are pictures, links and quotes of course to have some variety but it's still an intense reading session!


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    I would simply divide the article into parts 1 and 2 and I would rewrite the article and use it for something else such as a lead magnet or eBook.
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    To be honest I guess it would to long for me to read it as an article. But you could use it as a give away to build your list or when it's a real good article use it as a tripwire product and price it under $10 to get some money immediately if you use paid traffic. That's what I would do.
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    My 2cents:

    Option 1: Make it into eBook and offer as a free gift to build your list. (Since you started by wanting to post in your blog and people can read it for free).

    Option 2: Keep it as a blog post but break it a part into smaller article so you have a series of articles in your blog. If people are interested they will stay at your site reading and this will increase the time they spend there, hence increase you site value in the eye of google.

    Option 3: Make it into a series of email and use it to build your list.
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        A lot of great options being presented here! It seems more practical to break it up into several parts, and then have the whole thing as a free opt in gift for those that don't want to wait for the rest maybe?

        It's funny that it's so long, before it was done I posted a job on elance wanting someone to write a 6,000 word eBook as a free opt in gift for $60 but now I have one here. But I'll maybe hire someone to write an eBook as well!
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    Break it into ten parts and label each of them, The Psychology of Online Marketing- <Engagement>. Just give each a one-word extension title to make it unique, and the post a new blog every day for 10 days. That's by far your best bet.

    As to the "make it an eBook and monetize it" idea, that's just a bad way to go. Nobody knows you, your site has no content, no traffic and the last thing you want to try to do is sell people on a product that won't deliver value on their first visit.

    Learn to sell like a pro through Web Synergy's marketing blog.

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      I just read a blog post that was at least 5000 words because it offered real value, was easily digestible, and had lots of useful graphics and examples to break up the text. Having said that, I agree with kk075- portioning your post into shorter segments is probably the best way to go until you develop a loyal readership.

      Also, just a little side note, I'd make a slight change to your blog title - "21 Ways You Can Stay Successful Online Like The Pros" - gives more of an active voice.
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    great stuff there punching out 5.500 words. I'd be using it for multiple posts parts 1-5 possibly or wherever it is easy to break up.

    but that's just me being lazy ...
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    Good work pumping out that many words. I personally don't mind long blog posts as long as there is substance there. I do not like overly verbose articles where the topic can be covered in detail in fewer words.

    Something else to consider is knowing your target audience and understanding their their needs, their interests, their passions, and their problems. Hopefully you have an article that your content is going to want to read
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    Hi Karl,

    Here's that I've done in the past...

    Break up the original 5,500 word article into smaller (approximately 400-500 word) articles and publish them on my blog..., take the whole 5,500 word content and create an ebook that I sell on Kindle (hint: have a link to your squeeze page/landing page at the beginning of the book for those that 'Look Inside').

    You can also sell your ebook on your own site, or use it as a free optin gift, or a bonus when promoting your own products or affiliate offers.

    Hope this helps.

    Need help getting more leads and sales? *** Click here to work with me ***
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      Definitely spread it out over a period of time. Then Ping it and have it indexed after each day.

      This will bring in more and more Organic traffic while also keeping current readers engaged for a longer period of time.

      - Robert Andrew
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