Clickbank PayCheck Refunds double substracted

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Hi everyone,

In my first paycheck in Clickbank i cant understand the way the refunds are calculated. It seems that they are substracted incorrectly.

In my paycheck I see a Payment Net Balance of ($4.69) which seems to be a 'negative' balance because of the parentheses (I guess).

However this doesn't seem to be right. The Refunds are substracted from the credits but the amount of sales (which were refunded) is not added to the credits in the first place.

For example, i made a sale of $18.48 which was refunded immediately (-$18.48). Net value should be '$0,00'. But in my paycheck only the refund is calculated and the sale amount is not added up to the credits. This results in a double subtracted of the refund.

Anyone knows how is this possible?
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