All the BIG Product creators, can you help a little?

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I want to launch my product in the near future but the problema is I'm new to WF, no one knows me.

I can make sales from affiliates, but affiliates don't promote if my sales shows <10. I don't have a list to which i can promote at the launch date.

If i want to Jv with somone, then who. I don't think anyone will Jv with me because i haven't builld any reputaion or any connections between product launchers.

I only have the Product and 500$ to start.

I need some help, can the BIG Product launchers here can give some suggestions?
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    Originally Posted by DarkHorse17 View Post

    I need some help, can the BIG Product launchers here can give some suggestions?
    This might sound radical, but you could defer releasing your product until you've spent some time here, getting to know the members and building some trust or reputation yourself.

    Just a thought.


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    Who Said that you need to be known in the market in order to become successful? It's more about you taking action rather than how known you are.

    Always keep in mind that you must first GIVE before you ask something, in anything you do in life. That's why the first step is to join those influencers blogs, programs, and discussions and show them you're there helping them.

    Commend, share, give, respect, and that should lead to them figure out you're there.

    You must have SOME results before you ask for a promotion, so don't be silly. If you're funnel is converting, get some traffic first, get SOME results, prove your offer converts like crazy, and you'll find it much more easier to get a promotion from a serious fellow.

    In fact, when you do it this way, and your offer REALLY converts, you'll be surprised to see affiliates and JV partners come to you to ask for more details about your offer. Word of mouth is what makes it in the top elite club, and that's what you should be after.

    Hope that helps...
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