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Hey guys,

I never really used the available HTML options that are available for writing my book description on Amazon but want to start.

I have done some research on google and some people say, for example, to bold text in your Amazon description you would do this:

<b>YOUR TEXT</b>

But on other pages some people say you just use normal HTML tags like this:

<b>YOUR TEXT</b>

Could someone clear this up for me please

Also is the HTML formatting done in Author central or the bookshelf of your Kindle account?

Is there a way to preview your description once you have formatted it with the HTML before publishing?

Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks guys

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    From memory, the old &lt; style tags were a workaround when Amazon didn't officially support HTML but that's changed now and it looks like you can use regular HTML tags.

    Amazon's Kindle support page gives a full list of what's allowed and what's not allowed.

    I've only ever done the description in the regular KDP area but I guess Author Central would work fine as well.

    I've not looked for a preview and can't remember seeing the option but it's been a while since I've uploaded a new book.
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    I still use the old &lt;b&gt;YOUR TEXT&lt;/b&gt; but plan to start with the new version. BTW, they have taken a lot of options away. Do you know that you tube videos were permitted in the description at one time, but that option is gone. Expect more clamp down from amazon. They also want to up the price they charge for storage with makes no sense. Hard drives cost less money now. Get ready for major changes next year.
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