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Hello, A month ago i asked you to review my new blog and i got a few suggestions on how to improve it and now I'm back smiling and saying thanks for you awesome and helpful suggestions.
I have been focusing on content and i have to say that i have seen some good results especially after discovering that posting your blog posts on your facebook fan page is a good technique to get more views/readers.

See my blog here: BLOG
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    For your aweber list popup, can you set it to delay a few seconds more? It seemed to pop up too quickly for my tastes, and might be a distraction before giving visitors a chance to read a bit.

    Also, I recommend using the aweber template with a clear/transparent background and removing the stuff at the bottom, e.g privacy, powered by aweber, etc. Also, you might remove the name field optin line, as only the email field is really necessary.

    Overall, it's looking nice. Cheers.
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    Jeff above brings up a good point: the Aweber popup is annoying. If I wasn't looking to provide constructive criticism, I would have left right away.

    Anyways -- my biggest pet peeve with your website: it is very, very obvious from the onset that you are looking to promote one product and one product only as an affiliate marketer. It kinda "kills" any authority you are trying to build via the website.

    Rather, maybe you can write some other articles about different strategies? Some hints and tips? Anything at all that makes it something different than just another "lame attempt at promoting a product."

    ... add some depth, some life, some adventure to it. You are a fairly decent writer (grammatical issues on your site aside), so I am sure you have it in you.
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      Other warriors have mentioned some good points. I would add: remove the photo. You look too young for someone I would trust for money-making advise. Nothing personal, just think you would get more business without the photo. (IMHO)
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    Yo My Life My Choice Online, honestly i feel nothing new...
    seems just like another big boy money maker online style ,unsuccessful blog

    i think you need to stick to what you really love and mix it with money maker online stuff
    its just i personally do not like that niche,
    to sell the idea how to make money online

    i wish u all good luck with your blog
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