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Hi Guys!

Wouldn't it be great if you gus can share profile links of some of the best service providers on Fiverr in this thread. It will save us a lot of time. Finding the best provider is a daunting task.

I have observed that lot of you guys use Fiverr for Internet Marketing. Would you share? It will help Warriors
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    Here are some tips that have worked well for me when hiring on Fiverr.

    1.) Check the number of stars and make sure you read at least the 10 or so reviews.

    2.) Ask them a question to see if they respond.

    3.) Start with one gig to see how well they do.

    4.) Look at their samples if they have them. If not, ask for some.

    5.) Check the response and turn time.

    6.) Make sure you explain things very clearly

    7.) Provide screen shoots to better explain what you need

    It is best to pick your own outsourcers based on your particular needs. I just follow the above and look for samples that I like the best for my project.

    Niles Miller

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    Do you really need a thread for this??? Fiverr makes it super easy to find good suppliers.
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    You can just do a search for what your looking for then click high ratings and there you would find the top providers for that gig. You can look at the ratings and read some of the reviews to see how good they are.
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