What is the secret to earn on classified sites

by anu999
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I want to know how the classified sites earn money from there millions visitor, even they dont promote any product nor any Ads.
For example : Craigslist
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    They offer "featured" ads.In Craigslist, users must pay in order to post ads in some categories.
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    Who can say that as they aren't selling own/affiliate products?

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    Originally Posted by anu999 View Post

    I want to know how the classified sites earn money from there millions visitor, even they dont promote any product nor any Ads.
    For example : Craigslist
    Firstly if is there asset that there page rank & alexa rank is increasing by using the visitor. They may make new terms & conditions for next generation. On the flip side there some sites where if one pay charge, his advertisement will show on the top of the list. on the other hand if one wants to wish his ad will be for 2/ 3 years he must pay the charge. Thanks.

    Feeling good

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      They make their money from paid featured listings and some sections, such as the job sections for highly populated cities, require a fee to post in them at all.

      It makes sense because a ton of people use the site to find legit postings from people/organizations looking to fulfill certain needs such as job positions. So there's plenty of eye balls on those postings, and so plenty of consistent income from paid posters.

      It's a very simple but strong business model, really.
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    Sell furniture/xbox/playstation/antiques/etc on Craigslist.

    Aside from Craigslist... there is no other *secret* to earning on classified sites. And don't put your hopes and dreams on a "5,000 classified ad site submitter software". If you're going to waste money on this, then you might as well give me that free money so i can take my girl out to lunch next week.
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    The secret to being successful with classifieds is............
    There are no "secrets" just people who have done a lot of testing and or research, which may be a good lesson for you...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    spam , posting tons thats the truth using a software and posting your ad in as many sites as possbile
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    Some Classified sites charges money for posting ads.
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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    Why not consider making such a site and try it by yourself? ...Just a suggestion...!
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    Posting you ads in many best classified ads.

    Take a look this article United States America (USA) Classifieds n Advertising Sites- 400 FREE Webs « Ads2020 Marketing- Business Advertising Ad Posting Classifieds

    You can post on it, but you have to remember

    Yu have to post everyday untill 30 days, don't be lazy to do it. Then, see the result

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    Classified Sites make money by offering paid services that feature your Ads in the various categories
    or on the sidebar of there websites.
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      Well, as per my opinion, most of the classiifeds make money by using banner ads from various networks, including AdSense . Even, OLX, Quikr, Clickindia, etc use AdSense fully on their classifieds.Paid advertising options for earning a decent money has faded away due to the vast availability of free advertising sites!
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    Originally Posted by anu999 View Post

    I want to know how the classified sites earn money from there millions visitor, even they dont promote any product nor any Ads.
    For example : Craigslist
    There are many ways to earn money in the classified ad sites. Such as some sites follow the premium membership by taking a subscription. in this way the site can earn money. On the other hand some site earn money by give extra facilities such as If one wants to make a add more than 1 year or, 2 year till 5 year or 9 years. Even some site take money by providing more facilities. such as by taking the ad in the top 10.
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  • They make their money from paid ads, featured ads, and also from Google Adsense. I'm not sure if Craigslist uses Adsense though.
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    I didn't really understand your question but I think this reply will help.

    The people who actually pay for their ads on Craigslist, make the most amount of money. The people who want their ads displayed for free and are looking for traffic, will probably not get as much traffic as they want.
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    i use craigs ads to get leads then follow with follow emails and then make sales. cold sales are hard on craigs list
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    That is indeed THE question ...and a good one.

    According to AIMGroup.com, Global Classified Advertising alone is a $92B market.
    The problem is the "labor" to post consistently, frequently and targeted correctly.
    Each site has its own rules and complexity for posting. The money these sites make
    is, typically, from advertisers who pay the sites to post their ads. These are big budgets
    to be sure.

    How do humble individual marketers earn on classifieds?

    The answer to the question is automation, broad & targeted reach with speed and
    simplicity of use...with features like photos, color and auto reposting.

    I have THE answer and am more than willing to give anyone a closer look at the solution
    which makes posting ads a simple task with guaranteed results...as often as you like, (to
    hundreds now, 1000's soon) of sites at once, for any product, service or program you
    Warriors may have...or simply market the software itself for additional income. This is new.
    Its never been successfully done this way before.

    Its proven and its powerful. Its simple to use. More features and options than you have ever
    seen in this category. It works flawlessly as you will see.

    If you're interested...email me for a full response. hamrickglobalgroup@yahoo.com

    Thank you for reading. hgg123
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    Craigslist is charging money now in the bigger cities to post job listings.
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    Craigslist can make the user/advertiser pay for almost anything they wish too, since they are a robust platform with millions of users.

    They earn from featured ads. If you are looking to make money from craigslist, it is by posting ads to your services or products in the relevant category.
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    Like all advertising, it is a numbers game, the more views, the more leads, the more leads, the more prospects, the more prospects, the more sales, simple.

    As to free classifieds, most are useless overall, Craigslist included. The key to success is having a product or service everyone needs or uses already, but you have a better technology which saves everyone who uses it big money. Now that is where classifieds will pull prospects which convert to sales.

    I have used it all when it comes to marketing, and in most cases it is a hit or a miss, results have always been a crap shoot when promoting all the me too products or services which have tens of thousands competing for same thing. Not easy, so if I was to advertise, you want to use paid spots which rank higher than the millions of freebie ads do.

    As example, I promote a new technology which saves thousands on TV and PayPerView Movies, UFC, MMA, WWE and Boxing all at no cost. Simply put, no one likes their cable or satellite company, so given everyone has a TV, most households average 2.9 per family, the demand is huge, the savings are huge, and the income is huge, so my results have been huge.

    On the other hand, I have advertised hundreds of lessor hot niche products and barely got the usual 1% response rate that is typical in free advertising mediums. So again, it is numbers game, the more traffic to your ad, and then to your website, the more prospects and the more sales, it is that simple.

    Success to all,
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    Craigslist small business section where one could advertise IM offers looks like its going downhill where lots of spammers seem to lurk around, however Gumtree I think is the only quality classifieds.
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  • Craigslist & other sites that don't sell anything, earn just like facebook

    With ''promoted'' ''featured'' and ''promoted''

    Content. In other words...


    [CENTER][B]==> Do you want to make money online? [/B]
    Free video: How regular people are making 6-figures per month on the internet! [URL="http://www.clkmg.com/fc27/UDCL-IN2WF"][B]Watch this free video now![/B][/URL] <==[/CENTER]

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    Like other people said Craigslist is making money from featured advertising.All the big classifieds they do like that.
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    Free-Adplotter.com may be the answer to classified and ebay advertising, sure got my attention knowing how time consuming it can be to post to dozens of classified sites.
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