Need advice on planning out my work for new website.

by Matt Hoey 3 replies
I've created a new website and branded it with a catchy domain name.

The website is very simple, it has no logos or anything since i don't plan on branding it until it's established properly and i'm making an income. But forget about that for now.

I need to correctly plan the roll out of the website so that the indexing and the keywords/backlinks to my site appear smoothly and fluently. I don't want to be working on an article here and there or the odd backlink.

I want a plan in stages what i need to do to effectively roll out the website.

Up to now i've just basically made a very small list about what i could do. If someone could advise me and offer me some guidance on what i should do next and what should be done first i'd greatly appreciate it.

1) Make a list of products i will be reviewing by collecting products on cj/clickbank.

2) Make a list of keywords relating to the products.

3) Catagorize the best into catagorizes of around 5.

This si where i struggle to decide what to do next.

I don't know if i should....

1) Keep on writing reviews for the other catagories.

2)Write a single Ezine article for each product in the newly created catagory.

3) Do some blog commenting and backlink building for the chosen product catagory. (Yahoo answers, blogs, forums) - i've never been too knowladgable about building backlinks.

Can anyone help? After this how would i approach the other catagories?

Any help would be remembered and appreciated, thanks.
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    Apart from the fact that you need to do all of those - here's a breakdown of what I would do:

    1. keyword research. You need to make sure that your keywords and, therefore, the products related to them are profitable.

    2. based on keyword research write some articles or reviews of the products. Review sites can be very successful if you pitch the reviews so that they are informative.

    3. Set up your site to show the articles or reviews in an SEO friendly way - probably the easiest to set up is a wordpress blog. Add your autoresponder opt-in to the main page with a suitable giveaway info product related to your keywords.

    4. post your articles or reviews to

    5. set up Squidoo lenses for each product with the article or review for that product and then point to your blog for comparitive products

    6. Do some PPC marketing for the products if there isn't too much competition for the keywords you've chosen

    That's just a rough outline. Without knowing more about the niche you've chosen it's difficult to be precise.
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